SUZUKI Daisuke

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SUZUKI Daisuke
Keio University
Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Administration Engineering, Okada Laboratory
Job title
Graduate student(doctorate program)

Research Interests


Research Areas



School of Science for Open and Environmental System, Keio University
Keio University

Conference Activities & Talks

An Experimental Study of Operator’s Ability on Feedforward Performance in Manual Control
International Conference on Computer-Aided Ergonomics, Human Factors and Safety   2005   
An Experimental Study of Human Factors to Improve Training Effects
16th World Congress on Ergonomics   2006   
A Study of Skill Development by Using a Train-Simulator on a Computer
International Conference on Computing Systems for Human Benefits   2007   
A Fundamental Study of Human Control Characteristics based on Personality in Manual Speed Control
11th International Conference on Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing Agility and Hybrid Automation   2007   
A Study of Relation between Control Strategy and Skill Development in Manual Speed Control
4th International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications   2007   

Research Grants & Projects

Manual control, Training methods
The Other Research Programs