Hirotake Maeda

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Hirotake Maeda
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Division of Humanities and Intercultural Studies

Published Papers

Transcending Boundaries: When the Mamluk Legacy Meets a Family of Armeno-Georgian Interpreters
Hirotake Maeda
Princeton Papers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Middle Eastern Studies   XVII 63-86   2016   [Refereed]

Books etc

The Persianate World: Rethinking a Shared Sphere
Hirotake Maeda (Part:Joint Work, Lives of Enikolopians: Multilingualism and the Religious-National Identity of a Caucasus Family in the Persianate World)
Brill   Nov 2018   ISBN:978-9004385627
Chahar Dudman-e Gorji dar Asr-e Safavi, tr. Mostafa Namdari Monfared
Hirotake Maeda
Michael A. Reynolds ed., Constellations of the Caucasus: Empires, Peoples, and Faiths, Princeton
Hirotake Maeda (Part:Joint Work, Transcending Boundaries: When the Mamluk Legacy Meets a Family of Armeno-Georgian Interpreters)
Markus Wiener Publishing Inc   2016   ISBN:9781558766044
Willem Floor and Edmund Herzig (eds.), Iran and the World in the Safavid Age
Hirotake Maeda (Part:Joint Work, “Exploitation of the Frontier: The Caucasus Policy of Shah 'Abbas I,”)
Sep 2012   ISBN:978-1850439301