Yamamoto Takao

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Yamamoto Takao
Kanagawa University
Faculty of Economics Department of Economics/Department of Contemporary Business
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Published Papers

Explorative activity and dual embeddedness of foreign subsidiaries: a case study of Japanese general trading companies
Takao Yamamoto and Yoshiharu Kuwana
Shokei Ronso   (52-3) 91-111   Mar 2017
We explain the importance of explorative activities by Japanese MNCs and changes in the role of managers in foreign subsidiaries in terms of their dual embeddedness. We undertake a case study involving two Japanese general trading companies (i.e.<...
Collaborative Innovation for New Growth of Japanese MNCs:On Organizational Transformation and Human Resource Development.
Y. Kuwana & T. Yamamoto
   Mar 2011   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Education business of Japanese companies in emerging countries: cases on the entry in South East Asia
Takao Yamamoto
25th annual meeting, Japan Academy of International Business   11 Nov 2018   Japan Academy of International Business
Asian strategy of Japanese personal finance companies: Cases of 2 companies
Hideyuki Takenochi, Takao Yamamoto, Masakazu Imai
2 Dec 2018   
The Explorative Activities and Dual Embeddedness in a Foreign Subsidiary: On a Case Study of Japanese General Trading Companies
Takao Yamamoto & Yoshiharu Kuwana
The Association of Japanese Business Studies 2016 conference   26 Jun 2016   
Managing Explorative Activities and Dual Embeddedness in Foreign Subsidiary: A Case Study in Japanese MNCs
with Prof. Y. Kuwana
8th Annual Conference of the Euromed Academy of Business   30 Sep 2015   


"International Knowledge management in Japanese Enterprises"
Yoshiharu Kuwana,Takao Yamamoto,   The Others   Dec 2008
"Toward International Knowledge Management in Japanese Multinationals:Cases of YKK and Toshiba"
Yoshiharu Kuwana,Takao Yamamoto,   The Others   Jun 2008