AKAGI Yasuhiro

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AKAGI Yasuhiro
Nagoya University
Institute of Innovation for Future Society Mobility Research Course
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Designated associate professor
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Jun 2018
Mar 2019
Designated associate professor, Institute of Innovation for Future Society Mobility Research Course Transportation & Society Section, Nagoya University
Apr 2019
Designated associate professor, Institute of Innovation for Future Society Mobility Research Course, Nagoya University


Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Published Papers

EZAWA Kazuhiro, RAKSINCHAROENSAK Pongsathorn, AKAGI Yasuhiro, MAEDA Kenta, KOJIMA Takao
Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)   84(865) 17-00557-17-00557   2018   [Refereed]
<p>This paper presents motion prediction model of cyclist based on potential field for a hazard-anticipatory collision avoidance braking system to enhance the collision avoidance performance and secure the smoothness of driving. The target situati...
Akagi Yasuhiro, Raksincharoensak Pongsathorn
Transactions of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan   48(4) 859-865   2017   [Refereed]
This paper presents a path planning method for driver assistance systems in mixed urban scenarios. We proposed an inverse collision probability model based motion planner to generate the trajectory, including the positions to path through multiple...
KAZAMA Keisuke, KAWAKATSU Toshiki, AKAGI Yasuhiro, MOURI Hiroshi
Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)   83(849) 17-00014-17-00014   2017   [Refereed]
<p>This paper describes the development of a new localization method using a simple 2D map. The general method for localization using a 2D map is to match between the boundary line on the 2D map and the detected boundaries in the real world, i.e. ...
Ontology based collection and analysis of traffic event data for developing intelligent vehicles
Akagi Yasuhiro
Fundamental Study on Road Detection Method Using Multi-Layered Distance Data with HOG and SVM
Kazama Keisuke, Akagi Yasuhiro, Raksincharoensak Pongsathorn, Mouri Hiroshi
JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS AND MECHATRONICS   28(6) 870-877   Dec 2016   [Refereed]


Computer Animation of Swaying Trees Based on Physical Simulation
Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan   46(7) 1797-1809   2005
Study on Generation of Tree Shapes with Specific Features of Species Based on a Statistical Method
The IEICE transactions on information and systems (Japanese edition)   89(5) 1019-1035   2006
A Study on Facial Modeling Based on the GFFD Method
Katsuhiro KITAJIMA, Yasuhiro AKAGI, Akira YAMAUCHI, Naoki OKAZAWA and Yasukazu HIGUCHI
74(8) 112-120   2008
A Color Region Based Rendering of Trees Based on Shading Techniques of Background Art in Animation
Yasuhiro Akagi,Mitsunori Kataama,Katsuhiro Kitajima
49(3) 1489-1499   2008
Y.Akagi, K. Kitajima
Elsevier Journal Computers & Graphics   30(4) 529-539   2006

Conference Activities & Talks

Study on generation of tree shapes with analysis of common features of species
NICOGRAPH International 2005   2005   
Study on a Method of Generating a 3D Virtual Foot Model With Use of a Measuring Technique Based on Multiple Camera Image Data
SICE Annual Conference 2007   2007   
An acceleration method for generating tree animations by using a geometry generator on GPU
A Study on Speech Simulation with the GFFD Method
NICOGRAPH INTERNATIONAL 2010 Singapore   2010   
3D Virtual Foot Modeling from Multiple Camera Image Data Based on the GFFD Deformation Method
NICOGRAPH International 2009   2009