Muranaka Takashi

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Muranaka Takashi
North Asia University
Faculty of Economics
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

A Study on the Tourism Strategy Which Utilize Natural Landscape for Akita
Muranaka Takashi
(7) 203-222   Mar 2019
Ecosystem services of natural landscape "Hakusaseisho" in Kaze-no-Matsubara
Muranaka Takashi
(5) 165-177   Mar 2017
Relationship Between the Swertia pseudochinensis Populations and Vegetation of the Kinu River Floodplain
Muranaka Takashi
2    Mar 2014
Present Status and Problem in Import of Vegetable and Grain Seeds in Japan
Muranaka Takashi
The Bulletin of Cultural Sciences   8(1) 49-63   Mar 2013
The Significance of Floristic Conservation of Paddy Field by Land Reclamation of a Lake: Case of Itako City, Ibaraki Pref.
Muranaka Takashi
The Bulletin of Cultural Sciences   7(1) 159-172   Mar 2012
A New Flora List of the Yatsugatake-Kawakami Forest, Agricultural and Forestry Research Center, University of Tsukuba
Inami,A. , Michikawa,M. , Muranaka,T. , Seino,T. and Nakamura,T.
Bulletin of Tsukuba University Forests   (28) 47-95   Mar 2012   [Refereed]


Muranaka Takashi
Landscape and Ecological Engineering   in press 
in press
Muranaka Takashi
Landscape and Ecological Engineering   5 11-21   2009
Muranaka Takashi
Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology   13 89-101   2008
Nakayama Naoki, Nishihiro Jun, Kayaba Yuichi, Muranaka Takashi, Washitani Izumi
Ecological Research   22(4) 696-701   2007

Books etc

Human Activities and Ecosystems
Muranaka Takashi (Part:Joint Work)
Mar 2015   
Ecology of Introduced Organisms -Adaptive Evolution into New Environments and Possible Counter Measures-
The Society for the Study of Species Biology (SSSB) Edited by Muranaka Takashi, Ishihama Fumiko Bun-ichi Sogo Shuppan   2010   ISBN:978-4-8299-1080-1
Handbook of Alien Species in Japan
Ecological Society of Japan Chijin Shokan   2002   ISBN:978-4805207062

Research Grants & Projects

Conservation Ecology, Plant Ecology, Conservation Biology