Yamada Nobuyuki

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Yamada Nobuyuki
Kochi University
Research and Education Faculty Natural Science Cluster,Science and Techology Unit

Research Areas


Published Papers

Chimoto, K., H. Yamanaka, S. Tsuno, H. Miyake and N. Yamada
Earth, Planets and Space   68(206)    Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Observation of earthquake ground motion due to aftershocks of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in damaged areas
Yamanaka, H., K. Chimoto, H. Miyake, S. Tsuno and N. Yamada
Earth, Planets and Space   68(197)    Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Microtremor surveys in Beppu bay sedimentary basin, Japan, for better estimation of the strong motion
Yoshimi, M., T. Hayashida, M. Shinichi, K. Hiroshi, T. Hiroshi, N. Yamada, S. Takeshi and T. Tetsuyoshi
5th IASPEI / IAEE International Symposium: Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion      Aug 2016
S-wave subsurface structure model of the southern part of Okinawa Island, in Nansei Islands, Japan
Yamada, N. and H. Takenaka
the 11th SEGJ International Symposium Proceedings   S3-027    2013   [Refereed]
Estimation of S-wave velocity structures using seismic interferometry from long time series of microtremors in Suruga bay area, Japan
Chimoto, K., H. Yamanaka, M. Ohishi and N. Yamada
the 11th SEGJ International Symposium Proceedings   S3-099    2013   [Refereed]
Educational study for infants of earthquake disaster prevention using a simulated experience of ground motion
Yamada Nobuyuki
10th International Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering   22-172    2013
Yamanaka, H., K. Chimoto, S. Tsuno, Y. P. Dhakal, A. Mohamed, N. Yamada, S. Fukumoto, and K. Eto
Journal of Disaster Research   7(6) 682-692   2012   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Shallow to deep velocity structure modeling of Oita Plain, Japan, using microtoremor and borehole data
Joint Scientific Assembly of the IAG-IASPE   Aug 2017   
Effect of shallow S-wave velocity structure on ground motion characteristics at temporary aftershock observation stations of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake
Aug 2017   
Practices of the disaster prevention education that incorporated the necessity of the kindergarten and nursery school
Joint Scientific Assembly of the IAG-IASPE   Aug 2017   
Seismic Imaging of Receiver Functions at Virtual Receivers in Ryukyu Arc, Japan
2016 AGU Fall Meeting   Dec 2016   
Broadband Ground Motion Observation and Simulation for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
2016 AGU Fall Meeting   Dec 2016   
Along-Strike Ground Motion Variation for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Sequence
May 2016   
Practice Report of Earthquake Drill for Young Children Including Virtual Experiences of Ground Motion
Yamada Nobuyuki
The 10th ASC (Asian Seismological Commission) general assembly (ASC 2014)   Nov 2014   
Three-dimensional Structure Model for Strong-motion Simulation around the Ryukyu Arc
AOGS 11th Annual Meeting 2014   Jul 2014