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Alternative names
Nihon University
College of Law, Department of Political Science and Economics
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Political Science(Nihon University), MA in Political Science(Nihon University), Bachelor of Economics(Nihon University)
Other affiliation
Nihon University
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Associate Professor, College of Law, Nihon University
Aug 2017
Aug 2018
Research Scholar (VisitingProfessor), University of Minnesota
Apr 2016
Concurrent Lecturer, Correspondence Division, Nihon University
Jul 2015
Sep 2015
Part-time Lecturer, University Education Center[Political Science], Ibaraki University
Apr 2015
Mar 2018
Assistant Professor (Tenure-track Position), College of Law, Nihon University


Apr 2007
Mar 2015
Political Science, Graduate School, Division of Law, Nihon University
Apr 2005
Mar 2007
Political Science, Graduate School, Division of Law, Nihon University
Apr 1993
Mar 1997
Department of Economics, College of Economics, Nihon University

Committee Memberships

Jun 2013
Jun 2014
Japan Association for Comparative Politics  Public Relations Committee

Published Papers

Comparative Study on the Concept of Human and Citizen in Social Contract Theory and Cre Ethics
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Hogaku Kiyo   60 255-287   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Democracy and Economy in Tocqueville's Political Thought
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Seikei Kenkyu   53(2) 207-240   Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Tocqueville's Social Policy
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Hogaku Kiyo   57 225-264   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
Tocqueville and Socialism
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Seikei Kenkyu   52(2) 315-350   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Politics and Economy in Tocqueville's Thought, A Consideration on the Morality in Democracy-Industrial Society
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Doctoral Thesis      Mar 2015   [Refereed]


Report on A Conference of Political Science of Nihon University "Tocqueville in the Revolution of February in France, Reflection on Democracy in 19th century's France"
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Seikei Kenkyu   45(2) 288   Sep 2008   [Refereed]

Books etc

Social Capital and Civil Society
Tatsuya Sugimoto (Part:Joint Work)
Minerva Shobo   Jun 2019   ISBN:978-4-623-07773-1
The Perspective of Citizenship
Takashi Fujiwara,Tatsuya Sugimoto,Takahisa Sato,Kenji Ishii,Akihoro Yasu,Yasuhide Mouri,Ryusaku Yamada (Part:Joint Work)
Nihon Keizai Hyouronsha   Apr 2010   ISBN:978-4-81882101-9

Conference Activities & Talks

Care Ethics and Modern Democratic Theories
Tatsuya Sugimoto
A Conference of Political Science of Nihon University, Nihon University   29 Nov 2018   Nihon University
Care Ethics Study and the Reception in Japan
The Western Political Science Association, SanFrancisco, the United States.   31 Mar 2018   
"Love" in Political Philosophy
Tatsuya Sugimoto
The Japanese Conference for the Study of Political Thought[23rd], Nagoya University   29 May 2016   
Social Problems in Alexis de Tocqueville
Tatsuya Sugimoto
Japanese Political Science Association [2015], Chiba University   10 Oct 2015   Japanese Political Science Association
The Possibility and Meaning of Conservatism as a Normative Theory
Tatsuya Sugimoto
The Conference for Modern Normative Theory, Senshu University   11 May 2013   The Conference for Modern Normative Theory

Research Grants & Projects

The Reconsideration on "Subjectivity" in Modern Political Theories
The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): Tatsuya Sugimoto
Sakuradakai Research Grant
Sakuradakai Foundation: 
Project Year: Feb 2016 - Feb 2017
Robert Kennedy's Grant of Nihon University
Nihon University: 
Project Year: Jun 2009 - Jun 2009

Social Contribution

Commissioner, Boy Scout Troop Chiyoda 9
[Advisor]  1 Apr 2019
Adviser, Nihon University Scouting Club
[]  2017
Adviser, Aiki-do Club of Nihon University
[Others]  2015