Aoki Takashi

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Aoki Takashi
Kokugakuin University
Faculty of Letters Department of History

Published Papers

Classification and Characteristics of Type B Multi-legged Round Inkstones
Aoki Takashi
BULLETIN Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties 2014   24-25   Jun 2014
Mound strucuture of Kofun(ancient burial mounds)
Aoki Takashi
The Archaeological Journal   (644) 5-9   Jul 2013   [Invited]
Hanchiku (Rammed Earth) and Stone
Aoki Takashi
58-59   Jun 2013
Development of engeneering technology in ancient Japan: analyses on horikomi jigyo (trench foundation) and hanchiku (rammed earth)
Aoki Takashi
Advances in the study of cultural properties   961-990   Oct 2012   [Refereed]
The Establishment of the Capital City and the Seat of Provincial Government
Aoki Takashi
CULTURA ANTIQUA   63(4) 84-94   Mar 2012   [Refereed]


Archaeological sites in Myanmar (Burma)
Aoki Takashi
Quarterly of Archaeological Studies   60(2) 96-98   Sep 2013   [Invited]
The Kofun of the 7th. century in the Tama area: on the papers, "The Kofun, mounded tombs, on the later and last stage from the point of view of the commercial (materials flowing) routes" by Atsushi Onomoto
Aoki Takashi
(27) 77-88   May 2009   [Invited]

Books etc

Narayama Excavation Report Ⅱ
Aoki Takashi (Part:Editor)
Oct 2014   ISBN:978-4-905338-41-3