kato koji

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kato koji
Alternative names
Kato koji

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Awards & Honors

Nov 1998
Haute Distinction Honoris Causa
Jan 2006
Jacob Wallenberg Award
Oct 2006
Mayo D. Hersey Award
Mar 2008
Tribology Gold Medal

Published Papers

The Adhesive Transfer of the Slip-Tongue and the Wedge
ASLE Transactions   24 164-174   1981
Micro-Mechanisms of Initiation of Sliding
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Tribology, Beijing   1 408-417   1993
Wear Mechanism of Alumina Ceramics in Unlubricated Rolling-Sliding Contact
Eurotrib ’93, 6th International Congress on Tribology, Budapest, Hungary   3 76-82   1993
Micro Wear Mode and Ferographic Analysis of Wear Debris Generated in Lubricated Sliding Friction of Bearing Material
Eurotrib ’93, 6th International Congress on Tribology, Budapest, Hungary   3 1-6   1993