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Toyohashi University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Ecological Engineering
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Sep 2013
Application of Hydrothermal Treatment to High Concentrated Sewage Sludge for Anaerobic Digestion Process, THE BEST POSTER, The 7th International Conference of Chemical Engineering on Science and Applications
Winner: Orikawa M., Kamahara H., Atsuta Y., Daimon H

Published Papers

Hanum Farida, Hanum Farida, Yuan Lee Chang, Kamahara Hirotsugu, Aziz Hamidi Abdul, Atsuta Yoichi, Yamada Takeshi, Daimon Hiroyuki, Daimon Hiroyuki
Frontiers in Energy Research (Web)   7 19   2019
LEE Chang Yuan, 宮下公一, 蒲原弘継, 熱田洋一, 大門裕之
環境科学会誌(Web)   30(1) 11‐19(J‐STAGE)   2017
JULIASIH Ni Luh Gede Ratna, JULIASIH Ni Luh Gede Ratna, YUAN Lee Chang, ATSUTA Yoichi, DAIMON Hiroyuki
Separation Science and Technology   51(1-5) 439‐446   Mar 2016
環境科学会誌   27(1) 48-51   Jan 2014
KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, HASANUDIN Udin, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, TACHIBANA Ryuichi, ATSUTA Yoichi, GOTO Naohiro, FUJIE Koichi, DAIMON Hiroyuki
KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU   38(5) 299-304   Nov 2012
Several clean development mechanism projects for bioenergy production have been started in Southeast Asia. However, the effect of these projects on the lifecycle aspect of biomass production is still unclear. This study aimed to evaluate GHG emiss...


熱田洋一, 宮下公一, 佐合悠貴, 蒲原弘継, 大門裕之
環境浄化技術   14(2) 60-64   Mar 2015
Hirotsugu KAMAHARA, Udin HASANUDIN, Yoichi ATSUTA, Anugerah WIDIYANTO, Ryuichi TACHIBANA, Naohiro GOTO, Hiroyuki DAIMON, Koichi FUJIE
Journal of Ecotechnology Research   15(2) 79-83   2010
This study presents the measurement results of biogas production rates in an anaerobic pond of tapioca starch extraction wastewater located in Lampung province, Indonesia. The measurements were carried out in the dry and rainy seasons. The results...
KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, ATSUTA Yoichi, DAIMON Hiroyuki
廃棄物資源循環学会誌 = Material cycles and waste management research   24(1) 50-55   Jan 2013
TACHIBANA Ryuichi, ATSUTA Yoichi, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, GOTO Naohiro, ARAKAWA Masamoto, FUNATSU Kimito, FUJIE Koichi
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE   22(4) 257-269   Jul 2009
We developed the AB-NET (Asia Biomass Network Model) software to evaluate the biomass utilization activities in Asian region. AB-NET consists of the following four models.<BR>Plantation Model; The user can determine the best fertilization method i...
熱田 洋一, 大門 裕之, 藤江 幸一
Environmental management   43(7) 683-689   Jul 2007
ATSUTA Yoichi, DAIMON Hiroyuki, FUJIE Koichi
Journal of the Japan Fluid Power System Society   38(5) 263-267   Sep 2007
FAISAL Muhammad, ATSUTA Yoichi, FUJIE Koichi, DAIMON Hiroyuki
Journal of Ecotechnology Research   14(2) 52-52   2008

Conference Activities & Talks

大門裕之, LEE Chang Yuan, 宮下公一, 蒲原弘継, 熱田洋一
環境科学会年会プログラム講演要旨集   10 Sep 2018   
蒲原弘継, 熱田洋一, 大門裕之, NINDHIA Tjokorda Gde Tirta
環境科学会年会プログラム講演要旨集   14 Sep 2017   
藤原俊六郎, 鈴木千夏, 七夕小百合, 杤本信彦, 熱田洋一
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   9 Sep 2015   
富山修平, 熱田洋一, 大門裕之, 栃本信彦, 長谷川克久, 鈴木邦彦, 網谷基徳
日本水環境学会年会講演集   16 Mar 2015   
折川三佳子, 熱田洋一, 大門裕之, 神本祐樹, 杤本信彦, 長谷川克久
日本水環境学会年会講演集   16 Mar 2015