Yoshimasa Tanaka

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Yoshimasa Tanaka
National Institute of Polar Research

Published Papers

Morphologies of omega band auroras
Natsuo Sato, Akira Sessai Yukimatu, Yoshimasa Tanaka, and Tomoaki Hori
Earth, Planets and Space   69(103) 10.1186/s40623-017-0688-1   2017   [Refereed]
SC-triggered 1.6mHz waves including an interval with latitude-dependent phase shift, observed by the SuperDARN Hokkaido East Radar in mid latitudes: Possible global magnetospheric cavity-mode waves and their field-line resonance with poloidal Alfven-mode
Kawano Hideaki, Yukimatsu Akira Sessai, Tanaka Yoshimasa, Satoko Saita, Nishitani Nozomu, and Hori Tomoaki
Memoirs of the Faculty of Science, Kyushu University, Series D, Earth and Planetary Sciences   34(1) 1-15   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
Prototype Development of the JavaFX-based iUgonet Data Analysis Software (JudasFX)
小山幸伸, 佐藤由佳, 中野慎也, 八木学, 田中良昌, 阿部修司, 能勢正仁, 蔵川圭, 池田大輔, 梅村宜生, 新堀 淳樹, 上野悟
Journal of Space Science Informatics Japan   5 81-92   2016   [Refereed]
Yoshimasa Tanaka, Yasunobu Ogawa, Akira Kadokura, Noora Partamies, Daniel Whiter, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Urban Brändström, Tima Sergienko, Björn Gustavsson, Alexander Kozlovsky, Hiroshi Miyaoka, and Akimasa Yoshikawa
Earth, Planets and Space   67(182) 10.1186/s40623-015-0350-8   Nov 2015   [Refereed]
Toward Automatic Classification of Auroral All-Sky Images to Forecast Auroral Behaviors
Takanori Tanaka, Yoshimasa Tanaka, Yuka Sato, Daisuke Ikeda
JAXA-RR-14-009(14) 127-134   2015   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Eastward propagating auroral vortices observed in the post-midnight sector
Tanaka, Y.-M., Y. Ogawa, A. Kadokura, H. Yamagishi, H. Miyaoka, B. Gustavsson, N. Partamies, D. Whiter, U. Brändström, C.-F. Enell, H. Miyaoka, and A. Kozlovsky
AGU Fall Meeting 2014   18 Dec 2014   
Upper atmosphere database at NIPR for coupling studies between multiple spheres
Yoshimasa Tanaka, Yuka Sato, Yasunobu Ogawa, Takuji Nakamura, Akira Kadokura, Hisao Yamagishi, Hiroshi Miyaoka, Masaki Okada, and Yoshihiro Tomikawa
The Fifth Symposium on Polar Science   3 Dec 2014   
Spatiotemporal variations of eastward propagating auroral vortices observed during the substorm
Tanaka, Y.-M., Y. Ogawa, A. Kadokura, H. Yamagishi, H. Miyaoka, B. Gustavsson, N. Partamies, D. Whiter, and U. Brändström
The 12th International Conference on Substorms   14 Nov 2014   
Effective application of multiple auroral images to the EISCAT_3D project
Tanaka, Y.-M., Y. Ogawa, A. Kadokura, B. Gustavsson, T. Aso, U. Brändström, H. Miyaoka, G. Ueno, and S. Saita
AOGS 11th Annual Meeting   29 Jul 2014   
Feasibility study on the Generalized – Aurora Computed Tomography using optical and EISCAT_3D radar measurements
Yoshimasa Tanaka, Yasunobu Ogawa, Akira Kadokura, Björn Gustavsson, Takehiko Aso, Urban Brändström, Hiroshi Miyaoka, Genta Ueno, and Satoko Saita
EISCAT研究集会   22 Jul 2014