ENDO Nobutaka

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ENDO Nobutaka
Kindai University
Faculty of Applied Sociology Department of Applied Sociology

Published Papers

Effect of explicit knowledge on intuitive decision making
ENDO Nobutaka
Kindai Applied Sociology Review   8(1) 23-31   Sep 2019
遠藤 信貴
近畿大学総合社会学部紀要 = Applied sociology research review Kinki University   6(1) 53-64   Oct 2017
[Abstract] The purpose of the present study is to examine whether working memory capacities are intrinsically domain-specific for different modalities (visuospatial and verbal information). In previous studies, this question was addressed by asses...
遠藤 信貴
近畿大学総合社会学部紀要 = Applied sociology research review Kinki University   4(2) 1-13   Mar 2016
Visual context, such as a spatial relationship between the locations of a particular target object and the other distractor objects, is learned with repeated presentations of the same spatial layout, and facilitates searching for or detecting the ...
Scientific Reports   2 1-8   Oct 2012
遠藤信貴, 武田裕司
心理学研究   78(6) 583-590   Feb 2008
Visual context, such as an association between a target location and a distractor configuration, has been shown to be implicitly learned through repeated experiences in a visual search task, and facilitates the search performance (contextual cuein...
武田裕司, 遠藤信貴
心理学研究   74(5) 437-443   Dec 2003
For conducting efficient visual search, it is important to inhibit spatial attention from reorienting to previously examined distractors. Several studies have proposed that this inhibition can be associated with object-based inhibition of return (...
熊田孝恒, 遠藤信貴
Journal of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers   42(12) 1039-1043   Dec 2003
遠藤信貴, 斎木潤, 中尾陽子, 斎藤洋典
心理学研究   74(4) 346-353   Oct 2003
Previous studies of pattern psychophysics have suggested that a form property such as the number of turns and a structural property such as symmetry were useful cues for perceptual judgments of simple forms. However, it is necessary for complete d...
遠藤信貴, 斎木潤, 斎藤洋典
心理学研究   72(3) 204-212   Aug 2001
We examined the effect of relation between interferences from distractor and inhibitory mechanism on the occurrence of negative priming, by using a matching paradigm. The ease of perceptual target selection was determined by magnitudes of interfer...


本間元康, 栗山健一, 長田佳久, 遠藤信貴, 金吉晴
国立精神・神経医療研究センター精神保健研究所年報   (25) 236   Mar 2012

Conference Activities & Talks

本間元康, 遠藤信貴, 長田佳久, 金吉晴, 栗山健一
日本認知心理学会大会発表論文集   1 Jun 2012   
The massive earthquake on Japan 2011 was followed by a huge numbers of aftershocks, in even suburbs of Tokyo which is more than 350 kilometers away from epicenter of the earthquake. We conducted an intergroup trial on equilibrium dysfunctions and ...
基礎心理学研究   31 Mar 2012   
Brain activation during visuomotor sequence tasks measured by NIRS
Human Brain Mapping   Jun 2007   Human Brain Mapping
Effect of physical activity level on implicit spatial context learning in healthy aging.
Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society   Nov 2011   Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society
Kumada Takatsune, Nagai Masayoshi, Endo Nobutaka, Yokosawa Kazuhiko
Proceedings of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology   May 2007   
A near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) study was conducted during which participants carried out tactile recognition of unfamiliar objects. A previous functional brain-imaging study reported activation of the right parietal lobe under tactile recogni...
永井聖剛, 遠藤信貴, 熊田孝恒
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム論文集(CD-ROM)   25 Sep 2006   
ENDO Nobutaka, TAKEDA Yuji
Technical report of IEICE. HIP   1 Jul 2004   
In an inefficient search, the search for a target becomes faster with a repeated configuration when compared with a newly generated configuration. This facilitatory effect is termed contextual cueing, and suggests that an association between a tar...
武田裕司, 遠藤信貴
日本感性工学会大会予稿集   12 Oct 2003   
遠藤信貴, 武田裕司
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   Aug 2003   
Interaction between object cueing and spatial cueing in visual search
Sep 2002   
Interaction between spatial context learning and learning strategy
Psychonomic Society   Nov 2007   Psychonomic Society
Measuring brain activities related to understanding using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
HCI International 2007   Jul 2007   HCI International 2007
Physical activity level and implicit learning of spatial context in healthy aging.
European Conference on Visual Perception   Aug 2011   European Conference on Visual Perception
Spatial context learning and switching strategy
Psychonomic Society   Nov 2006   Psychonomic Society
Top-down strategy affects learning of visual context in visual search
European Conference on Visual Perception   Aug 2008   European Conference on Visual Perception
Adaptation and aftereffect in the comparison of two lines with small difference in length.
Sep 2012   
遠藤信貴, 斎木潤
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   Oct 2001   
斎木潤, 遠藤信貴, 野崎茂, 中尾陽子
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   2000   
遠藤信貴, 斎木潤, 中尾陽子, 野崎茂
日本心理学会大会発表論文集   2000