AKABORI Katsuhiko

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AKABORI Katsuhiko
Kobe Gakuin University
The Faculty of Law, Department of Law
Job title

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

Japan Risk Management Society  Director
Japan Risk Professional Society  Director

Awards & Honors

The Non-Life Insurance Institute of Japan Toa Re. Prize
Award of Japan Risk Professional Society
Award of Japan Risk Management Society

Published Papers

Significance and issues of medical risk management―Especially, BCP of medical institution(hospital) and medical malpractice―
AKABORI Katsuhiko
KOBE GAUIN HOGAKU   48(1) 121-171   Mar 2019
Significance and issues of career education in universities
AKABORI Katsuhiko
KOBE GAKUIN HOGAKU   47(4) 157-207   Mar 2019
An Essay of BCP for Medical Institution(Hospitl)
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Practical Risk Management   (33) 64-73   Jul 2018
Legal Risk Management for College students
AKABORI Katsuhiko
KOBE GAKUIN HOGAKU   47(2=3) 337-383   Mar 2018
Risk Management for College students
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Practical Risk Management   (32) 10-16   Jul 2017


Corporate Scandal and Risk Management
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Examination and Training   (016) 32-35   Mar 2014
Risk Management and Non-life Insurance
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Personal Finance as Practical Science      Mar 2013
An Essay on the Employment and Career of the Younger Generation in the Times of Career Risk -For Advancing Career Education and Career Development-
Katsuhiko Akabori
Kobe Gakuin Hogaku(The Law and Politics Review)   40(3/4) 1-43   2011
An Essay on the Effective and Practical Teaching -As a guide to the immprovement of teaching technique-
Katsuhiko Akabori
Jouranl of Faculty Development Center   (2) 9-21   2011
An Essay on the Corporate Environmental Risk Management
Katsuhiko Akabori
Risk Professional Management   (23) 57-62   2011

Books etc

Introduction to Career Design ~Theory and Practice~
AKABORI Katsuhiko
HOKEN MAINICHI SHINBUNSHA   Sep 2019   ISBN:978-4-89293-425-4
Introduction to Presentation [Revised edition]
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Hoken Mainichi Shinbunsha   Aug 2019   ISBN:978-4-89293-424-7
Money & Life Plan under the Era of Ultra-low Interest Rates
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Hoken Mainichi Shinbunsha   Feb 2019   ISBN:ISBN978-4-89293-404-9
Introduction to Crisis Management Policy-How to cope with Crisisー
AKABORI Katsuhiko (Part:Editor, Risk Management)
Inusrance Education System Institute Japan   Oct 2018   ISBN:978-4-901857-88-8
Foundations in Finanncial Planning [Fifth Edition】
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Hoken Mainichi Shinbunsha   Sep 2018   ISBN:978-4-89293-300-4

Conference Activities & Talks

Legal Risk Management on Medical Care of Rehabilitation
AKABORI Katsuhiko
28 Sep 2019   
Medical Risk Management ~BCP for Medical Institutions (Hospitals)
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Social Risk Mnagemnt Society   29 Jul 2017   
Risk Management for College students
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Social Risk Mnagemnt Society   3 Dec 2016   
Risk Management for Social Media~Use and Limit of Insurance
AKABORI Katsuhiko
13 Nov 2016   
An essay of the system of stress check
AKABORI Katsuhiko
Japan Risk Management Society   26 Mar 2016   

Research Grants & Projects

Risk Management, Insurance, Career Development
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