Iwamoto Shin'ichi

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Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Osaka City University
Faculty of Economics

Research Areas


Books etc

Modern Japanese Apparel Industry: Its Development through the Case Studies of Fujimoto Garment Shop
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Sep 2019   ISBN:978-4-7842-1981-0

Published Papers

Asset Trend of the Prewar Tailoring Shop
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Journal of Economics   117(3) 63-77   Feb 2017   [Invited]
Delay Factors of the Domestic Production of Sewing Machines: In relation to the Sirection of the Patent Application
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Osaka Keidai Ronshu   67(2) 211-233   Jul 2016
Business Conditions Converting in the Garment Industry: from Fujimoto Tailoring Shop' Archives in relation to Wartime Regulations
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Osaka Keidai Ronshu   67(1) 127-150   May 2016
Management Body Converting in the Wartime Garment Industry: in the Case of the Trend of Fujimoto Tailoring Shop
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Osaka Keidai Ronshu   66(6) 143-166   Mar 2016
Metamorphosis of the Modern Qipao
Iwamoto, Shin'ichi
Osaka Keidai Ronshu   66(3) 125-148   Sep 2015


The Modern Cutting and Sewing Technologie on the Form of Traditional Sleeve (2)
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
66(5) 219-229   Jan 2016
The Modern Cutting and Sewing Technologie on the Form of Traditional Sleeve(1)
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Osaka Keidai Ronshu   66(4) 379-392   Nov 2015
The Survey of Research on Apparel Industry History
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
17 103-121   Jan 2014   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Linking Cloth-Clothing Globally [Invited]
Iwamoto Shin'ichi
Linking Cloth-Clothing Globally   22 Sep 2018