Akiko Kuromiya

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Akiko Kuromiya
Kibi International University
School of International and Industrial Studies Department of Business Communications

Published Papers

An Introduction of GIS, as an Effective Tool in Social Work Practice Targeting Local Communities
Akiko Kuromiya
Journal of KIBI International University Research Institute of Health and Welfare   (20) 17-21   Mar 2019
A Qualitative Study on People in need of “Watch and Support” in Hilly Areas
Akiko Kuromiya
(19) 21-24   Mar 2018
Need for Mutual Help at Small Communities in Japan: Focusing on “Watch and Support Activities”
Akiko Kuromiya
Glocal Design Studies   2(2) 35-40   Jan 2018
A study of effective feelings among volunteers engaged in community "Fureai Iki Iki Salon Activity" in Japan
Akiko Kuromiya
18 25-27   Mar 2017
The Issues and Realities of University Students Studying Abroad: Based on a Survey aimed at Students
Akiko Kuromiya, Yukiko Hashimoto, Mayumi Kanazawa
(26) 121-133   Mar 2016

Books etc

Social Issues and Policies in Asia: Family, Ageing and Work
Akiko Kuromiya (Part:Contributor, Depopulating/Aging Regions and Lifestyle Risks: An Approach to Safety/Security through Community Activities in Japan)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing   Jul 2014   

Conference Activities & Talks

A Study of the life needs of people with disabilities in group homes in Japan
Akiko Kuromiya
2017 Asia Pacific Joint Regional Social Work Conference   28 Sep 2017   
How Can “Mutual Help” Work in Aging Communities in Japan? : A Case Study Targeting City A, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Akiko Kuromiya
The Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2016, Seoul   27 Jun 2016   
How can aging communities stay safe? A qualitative study targeting health/community welfare professions in Japan
Kuromiya Akiko
The Joint Regional Conference APASWE & IFSW Asia Pacific, Bangkok   22 Oct 2015