Hiroshi Miyashita

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Hiroshi Miyashita
Chuo University
Faculty of Policy Studies
Job title
Associate Professor
LL.D., LL.M.

Research Areas


Published Papers

Privacy of politics and politics of privacy
Hiroshi Miyashita
SEKAI   (921) 133-141   Jun 2019
Overview and the Recent Developments of the US Privacy Laws
Hiroshi Miyashita
Rule of Law   192(2) 19-30   Jan 2019
Book Review Right to be Forgotten in the US
Hiroshi Miyashita
AmerikaHo   2017(2) 263-268   Jul 2018
Japan amends its DP Act in light of Big Data and data transfers
Hiroshi Miyashita
Privacy Laws & Business   137    Oct 2015
Personal Information Protection and its Enforcement Mechanism in Japan
Hiroshi Miyashita
Sungkyunkwan Journal of Science & Technology Law   8(3) 103-115   Dec 2014

Books etc

Modern Constitutional Law Introduction
Hiroshi Miyashita (Part:Joint Work, Ch.6 Judicial Power Ch.7 Judicial Review)
Horitsubunkasha   May 2019   
National Adaptations of the GDPR
Hiroshi Miyashita (Part:Joint Work, The impact of the GDPR in Japan)
Open Access Book   Feb 2019   
EU General Data Protection Regulation
Hiroshi Miyashita
May 2018   
The Leading Casebook in 2015
Hiroshi Miyashita (Part:Joint Work, Constitutionality of the GPS Investigation)
Yuhikaku   Apr 2016   
Enforcing Privacy: Regulatory, Legal and Technological Approaches
Hiroshi Miyashita (Part:Joint Work, A tale of two privacies: Enforcing privacy with hard power and soft power in Japan)
Springer   Apr 2016   

Research Grants & Projects

Privacy and Data Protection
Legal Ground of Public-Private Distinctions
The Reach of Constitutional Law