Reiko Ogawa

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Reiko Ogawa
Chiba University
Graduate School of Social Sciences

Research Areas


Published Papers

Andrea Germer and Reiko Ogawa
Handbuch Interdisziplinäre Geschlechterforschung   1483-1492   2019   [Refereed][Invited]
A.Kurniati, C.-M. Chen, F. Efendi SKep, R. Ogawa
International Nursing Review   64(4) 494-501   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Ogawa Reiko
Ogawa Reiko, Wang Lih-Rong
Health science research   27 45-53   Jan 2015
Japan started accepting foreign nurses and care workers under the Economic Partnership Agreement( EPA) in FY 2008. However, the number has been declining since FY2009 despite improved conditions. Many pointed out that the decline occurred mainly d...
小川 玲子
相関社会科学   (24) 3-23   2014
石川 捷治, 石田 正治, 藪野 祐三, 大賀 哲, 岡﨑 晴輝, 小川 玲子, 鏑木 政彦, 木村 俊道, 熊野 直樹, 嶋田 暁文
政治研究   (60) 1-40   Mar 2013
Conceptualizing Transnational Migration of Care Workers: Between "Skilled" and "Unskilled"
Reiko Ogawa
ASIEN: The German Journal on Contemporary Asia   124 95-114   Jul 2012   [Refereed]
Family and Care Work Facing Social Change and Globalization: Conjunction between Family, Care Work and Immigration in Japan
Reiko Ogawa
International Journal of Public and Private Healthcare Management and Economics   2(4) 41-53   2012   [Refereed]


Reiko Ogawa
International Journal of Japanese Sociology   28(1) 209-211   Mar 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
小川 玲子
ソフィア : 西洋文化ならびに東西文化交流の研究   60(2) 127-129   Dec 2012

Books etc

Reiko Ogawa, Chan Raymond K. H., Oishi Akiko S., 王 麗容 (Part:Joint Editor)
Palgrave Macmillan   2018   ISBN:9789811070242
Japan's Demographic Revival: Rethinking Migration, Identity and Sociocultural Norms
Reiko Ogawa (Part:Joint Work, Demographic Change and Migration of Care Workers, State, Care Facilities and Migrants)
World Scientific   2017   
Women's Work and Care in Asia/Pacific
Reiko Ogawa (Part:Joint Work, From Social Reproduction to Gender Equality)
Routledge   2017   
Social Issues and Policies in Asia: Family, Ageing and Work
Reiko Ogawa (Part:Joint Work, Configuration of Migration and Long-Term Care in East Asia: The Intersection between Migration and Care Regimes in Japan and Taiwan)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing   2014   
Contemporary Social Issues in East Asian Societies: Examining the Spectrum of Public and Private Spheres
Reiko Ogawa (Part:Joint Work, Globalization and Transformation of Care in Japan)
Information Science Reference: Hershey   2014   
Media, Cultures, Identities: Aspects of Contents Business in East Asia
Reiko Ogawa (Part:Joint Work, The Korean Wave as a Contact Zone for Post Colonial Encounters)
Iudicium   2013   
Hakata: The Cultural World of Northern Kyushu
Reiko Ogawa (Part:Joint Work, Revisiting the Globalism of the Periphery: ‘Asianism’ in Fukuoka)
Brill   2013   
International workshop Transnational Care Studies (2008 : Fukuoka City), 大野 俊, 小川 玲子, 九州大学アジア総合政策センター
Kyushu University Asia Center   2008   
小川 玲子, 国際交流基金アジアセンター
Japan Foundation Asia Center   1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Deregulation of Migration and Care in Japan
Reiko Ogawa
East Asian Social Policy, National Taiwan University   2 Jul 2019   
Making of Migrant Care Workers in East Asia
Reiko Ogawa
Global Labor Migration: Past and Present, International Institute of Social History   20 Jun 2019   
When the Local Meets the Global: Changing Face of Elderly Care in Japan [Invited]
Reiko Ogawa
The Long-Term Care Crisis: Tapping Into Labour Resources Within and Across National Borders, University of Mainz   11 Mar 2019   
Examining the Transnational Care Labor Market: National Care Systems, Transnational Imaginaries, and Neo-liberal Ambitions
Reiko Ogawa
4th Philippine Studies Conference in Japan (PSCJ), Hiroshima University   18 Nov 2018   
Possible Corporation on the Protection of Migrant Workers among ASEAN and East Asia
Reiko Ogawa
Post-ASEAN Consensus and Human Rights Situation of Migrant Workers in the Region, Human Rights Working Group, Jakarta   Aug 2018   
Migration and Care: Regional Care Chains in East Asia
Reiko Ogawa
International Political Science Association (IPSA)   Jul 2018   
Making of the Migrant Care Workers in East Asia
Reiko Ogawa
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, Doshisha University   Jun 2018   
Revisiting Migrant Care Workers in Japan and Beyond: Professionals or Precariat
Reiko Ogawa
Incorporating Southeast Asian Perspectives in Japanese Studies, University of Hawaii   May 2018   
New Approaches to Migration Governance: Care and Migration Regimes in East Asia
Reiko Ogawa
Immigration Policy and Border Security in Japan, Hokkaido University   Apr 2018   
Making of Filipino Care Workers and Transformation of Care in Japan
Reiko Ogawa
Moving Care between Japan and the Philippines: Policy, Theory and Experience, University of the Philippines   Feb 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Making of Transnational Care Labor Market in Asia
Japan Center for Economic Research: Research Grant
Project Year: Mar 2019 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): Reiko Ogawa
Joint Workshop on Globalization, Regionalism and Human Security, Kyushu University and Ateneo de Manila University
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Mar 2013    Investigator(s): Reiko Ogawa