TAKAI Nobukazu

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TAKAI Nobukazu
Gunma University
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D(Tokyo Institute Of Technology)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Gunma University 


Department Of Physical Electronics, Graduate School, Division Of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute Of Technology
Department Of Electrical Engineering, Graduate School, Division Of Science and Engineering, Science University Of Tokyo
Department?f?lectrical?ngineering, Faculty?f?cience?nd?ngineering, Science?niversity?f?okyo

Committee Memberships

Jan 2016
Dec 2016
IEEE  Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference, Analog Circuits and Systems Subcommittee Member
Jan 2015
Dec 2016
IEEE  International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems Program Committee Member
Jan 2014
Dec 2014
IEEE  IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems 2014 Review Committee Member
Jan 2012
Dec 2012
IEEE  IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems 2012 Review Committee Member
Jan 2005
Dec 2005
IEEE  2005 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems Review Committee Member
Jan 2004
Dec 2005
IEEE  Circuits and Systems Japan Chapter, Treasurer


MOSFET Instantaneous Companding Integrator
N.Takai / K. Takano / S. takagi / N. Fujii
IEICE trans.   E84-A(2): 545-551   2001
GaAs MESFET Linearized Transconductor and Active Load with no CMFB
N. Takai, S. Takagi, and N. Fujii
IEICE trans.   E80-A(2) 321-327   1997
N. Takai and N. Fujii
Analog Integrated Circuits and signal processing   25(3) 271-279   2000
N. Takai / S. Takagi / N. Fujii
IEICE trans.   E88-A(2) 424-430   2005

Books etc

Handbook of Power Management Circuits
2016   ISBN:978-9814613156

Conference Activities & Talks

Production Test Consideration for Mixed-Signal IC with Background Calibration
International Analog VLSI Workshop   2009   
Fast Testing of Linearity and Comparator Error Tolerance of SAR ADCs
International Analog VLSI Workshop   2009   
Q Factor and Loop Delay Effect Consideration for Continuous-Time Tex AD Modulator
International Analog VLSI Workshop   2009   
Design of High-Speed High-Resolution Continuous-Time ΔΣAD Modulator
 1st International Conference on Advanced Micro-Device Engineering   2009   
Single Inductor Bipolar outputs DC-DC Converter using Charge Pump
International Analog VLSI Workshop   2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Low Voltage CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 1999 - 2005
Single Inductor Multiple Output DC-DC Converter
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 2008   
Control circuits for ultra low voltage switcher
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 2006 - 2008
Automatic Design of Analog Integrated Circuit
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 2011   
Learning system for parameters of digital DC-DC Converter
Basic Science Research Program
Project Year: 2017