EMOTO Masashi

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EMOTO Masashi
Doctor of Medical Sciences(Nara Medical University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Gunma University 
Professor, Gunma University 


Masashi Emoto, Izumi Yoshizawa, Yoshiko Emoto, Yusuke Takahashi, Robert Hurwitz, Mamiko Miamoto and Stefan H.E. Kaufmann
Microb. Infect.   9(14-15) 1511-1520   2007
Yoshiko Emoto, Izumi Yoshizawa, Robert Hurwitz, Volker Brinkmann, Stefan H.E. Kaufmann and Masashi Emoto
in press    2008
Increased resistance of LFA-1-deficient mice to LPS-induced shock/liver injury in the presence of TNF-α and IL-12 is mediated by IL-10: a novel role of LFA-1 in the regulation of the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine balance
J.Immunol.   171:584-593    2003

Books etc

New Reseach on Immunology
Nova Science publishers Inc.   2005   

Conference Activities & Talks

Influence of cholerae toxin B subunit on CD3/TCRalpha/beta expression
35th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Immunology   2005   
Role of LFA-1 in liver accumulation of NKT cells and inflammatory responses during bacterial infection (Invited lecture)
Center of Molecular Biosciences, Ryukyu University   2004   
A critical role of T cell receptor gamma delta cells in antibacterial protection early in life
11th International Congress of Immunology   2001   
The glycolipid/CD1d-specific Valpha14+ T cell population expresses different functional activities during bacterial infection
34th Der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Immunologie   2003   
Loss of the NK1 marker on glycolipid/CD1d-specific Valpha14+ NKT cells following bacterial infection
34th Der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Immunologie   2003