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Tokyo Metropolitan University
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Job title
Research Resident
Doctor in Sociology(Tokyo Metropolitan University), Master in Sociology of Gender Divisions(University of Essex, Colchester,UK)


 Hi, I'm Dr Tomoko Kawabata. My field of research is Sociology of Gender. I am interested in the system and the structure that repeat the violence against women, especially bullying and harassment caused by gender bias. The term "violence" here means all the forms of the violence that is not only physical violence but also psychological violence, neglect and financial violence. The degree of violence includes fromt the harassment to the attack by the individual and from the discrimination to the organized exclusion. I am especially interested in the reason why women become the easy targets of violence. So, I am interested not only in the men to women violence but also in the women to women violence. When I was a graduate student, I raised a question about the violence against women who support themselves by working as a sex worker in the Japanese sex industry. I was interested in the issues of violence in the private sphere such as the domestic violence, the child abuse and the abuse of the elderly people. Now, I am interested in the violence in the workplace such as the workplace harassment caused by the gender bias.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Research resident, School of Human Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Apr 2013
Mar 2018
Associate Professor, Research Division for Higher Education, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Hokkaido University
Jun 2012
Jun 2015
Research resident, School of Human Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Nov 2009
Mar 2012
Associate Professor, Office for Gender Equality,Akita University
Jul 2004
Mar 2010
Research Resident, School of Medical Science,Public Health,Hokkaido University


Apr 1993
Mar 2002
Sociology, School of Social Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Oct 1990
Sep 1991
Sociology of Gender Divisions in Society, Department of Sociology, School of Social Science,University of Essex, Colchester, UK
Oct 1989
Sep 1990
Sociology, MA Bridging Year Course, Department of Sociology, School of Social Science, University of Essex, Colchester, UK
Oct 1988
Sep 1989
Literature and History, Department of Comparative Studies, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

Committee Memberships

Apr 2015
Mar 2017
Hokkaido Scociological Association  Election Management Committee
Apr 2013
Mar 2017
Nitobe College, Hokkaido University  Planning Exparts Committee
Apr 2014
Mar 2016
Hokkaido Sociological Association  Research Activity Committee
Jun 2011
Mar 2012
Akita prefectural government  The Chair of Gender Equality Educational Materials Editing Committee
Apr 2011
Mar 2012
Akita Prefectural Government  The Chair of Gender Equality Center Ggoverning Board
Apr 2007
Mar 2009
Sapporo City Hall  The 3rd term Sappro City Gender Equality Committee

Published Papers

Forum on Public Policy   2018(1) 1-13   Oct 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Forum on Public Policy online   2014(1) 1-9   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
This article shows the perspective of this research and the result of the complete count survey performed from October to November in 2013 to examine the attitude toward the prevention and the resolution of the workplace harassment at the Japanese...
Motoyuki Yuasa, Shigekazu Ukawa, Tamiko Ikeno and Tomoko Kawabata
Australasian Journal on Ageing   33(3) 13-19   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
Shigekazu Ukawa, Hiroki Satoh, Motoyuki Yuasa, Tamiko Ikeno, Tomoko Kawabata, Atsuko Araki, Eiji Yoshioka, Waka Murata, Katsunori Ikoma and Reiko Kishi
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry   27(6) 557-564   Jun 2012   [Refereed]
What's Wrong with the Sex Industry in Contemporary Japan? (in Japanese)
Sociology Today   (17) 18-40   2008   [Refereed]
Doctoral thesis, Tokyo Metropolitan University      Feb 2003   [Refereed]
The paradox of "Bitai" as a Strategy; From a Study of Club Hostessing (in Japanese)
Sociological Reflections   (22) 59-79   Nov 2001
The prohibition of "prostitution" and the patriarchy (in Japanese)
SOCIOLOGOS   (23) 38-51   1999   [Refereed]
The social meaning of the prohibition of prostitution (in Japanese)
Sociological Reflections   (19) 111-142   1998
The process and is meaning of the development of the identity of a beginner hostess (in Japanese)
Sociological Reflections   (16) 27-60   1995
The Nature and Meaning of Contemporary Prostitution in Japan
MA thesis(University of Essex,Colcheser, Uk)      Dec 1991   [Refereed]


Contemporary Sociological Studies   27 93-99   Jun 2014   [Refereed][Invited]

Books etc

Talk about sex with university students (in Japanese)
KAWABATA tomoko (Part:Contributor, The impact of the domestic violence on the sexual behavior of women)
Koyoshobo   Oct 2011   ISBN:978-4-7710-2298-0
The New Edition Japanese Feminism Sexuality (in Japanese)
KAWABATA tomoko (Part:Contributor, For the liberation from the sexual slavery)
Iwanami Publishing   Oct 2009   ISBN:978-4-00-028141-6
Jane Pilcher and Imelda Whelehan,2004,"50 Key Concepts in Gender Studies"
Feb 2009   ISBN:978-4-7885-1075-3
The labyrinth of sex - Sociology of the culture of sex (in Japanese)
KAWABATA tomoko (Part:Contributor, Thinking of prostitution - the working condition of the women working in the sex industry)
Nagasaki Publishing   Apr 2008   ISBN:978-4-86095-216-7
A new book of the anatomy of prostitution (in Japanese)
KAWABATA tomoko (Part:Joint Work, The impact of Prostitution Prevention Law on women)
Tsugeshobo   Jul 1999   ISBN:4-8068-0418-5
The Arguments of Feminism 2; The Commodification of Sex, edited by Yumiko Ehara
Tomoko Kawabata (Part:Joint Work, The Liberation from Sexual Slavery)
Keiso Shobo   May 1995   ISBN:4-326-65166-0

Conference Activities & Talks

Dr. Tomoko Kawabata and Dr. Noriko Nagahori
Women and Education   23 Jul 2018   Oxford International Round Table Symposiums
Tomoko Kawabata
The 88th Japan Sociologcial Association Congress, Waseda University   19 Sep 2015   
The Japaese Sociological Association 87th Annual Cnference   23 Nov 2014   

Teaching Experience



KIMURA makoto, KAWABATA tomoko   Educational Materials   Apr 2017
Edited by KAWABATA Tomoko, Rie Yokozeki
KHAN Ammara, KAWABATA tomoko   Educational Materials   Dec 2016
Lecturer:KHAN Ammara(Human Resource,Birbeck,University of London)
Translator:EVANS Tony & EVANS Susannha
Presented by Nitobe College,Hokkaido University
Edited by KAWABATA Tomoko
KIMURA makoto, KAWABATA tomoko   Educational Materials   Sep 2016
Edited by KAWABATA Tomoko
Management, research and data analysis:KAWABATA Tomoko
KHAN Ammara, KAWABATA tomoko   Educational Materials   Dec 2015
Lecturer: KHAN Ammara,Translation: EVANS Benjumin, Edited by KAWABATA Tomoko,Presented by Nitobe College,Hokkaido University
KIMURA makoto   Educational Materials   Mar 2015
Edited by KAWABATA Tomoko, Jinjin Sha
SHOJI Nori, SATO Junko, MATSUNO Shoko   Educational Materials   Nov 2014
Edited by KAWABATA Tomoko
Presented by the Institute for the Advancement of Higher Eduation and Nitobe College,Hokkaido University

Research Grants & Projects

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan: The 2018th KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) No.18K11891
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): Noriko Nagahori, Tomoko Kawabata
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan: The 2013th KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) No. 25380682
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): Tomoko KAWABATA
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan: The 2008th KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C). No.20590627
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2010    Investigator(s): Motoyuki Yuasa and Tamiko Ikeno
Research collaborators: Shegekazu Ukawa, Mariko Katsumata, Tomoko Kawabata
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan: The 2006th KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Exploratory Research. No. 18652004
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2009    Investigator(s): TAMURA Kimie
The Toyota Foundation: the Toyota Foundation Research Grants (Category A). No. 96-A-098
Project Year: Apr 1996 - Mar 1997    Investigator(s): Tomoko KAWABATA

Social Contribution

[Presenter, Planner]  International Sociological Association, Research Comittee 29 Social Control of Deviance  13 Jul 2014 - 19 Jul 2014
ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, Japan,13th-19th July,2013, RC29 Social Control of Gender and Deviance のRoundtable Session,Session organizer and session chair
[TV or radio appearance, Media coverage cooperation, Informant]  National Film Board of Canada  Tokyo Girls -Hostesses in the Floating World-, film directed by Penelope Buitenhuis  2000
Hostesses in the Floating World
Tokyo Girls is a candid journey into the world of four young Canadian womenwho work as well-paid hostesses in exclusive Japanese nightclubs.


May 2016   National Qualification Career Consultant,
Career Consulting Association
May 2012   Career Development Advisor
Japan Career Development Association
Oct 2005   Social Research Specialist
Japanese Association for Social Research
Mar 1988   Teaching Certificate for Junior High School
Hokkaido Education Borad, Hokkaido Prefectural Government
Mar 1988   Teaching Certificate for High School
Hokkaido Education Borad, Hokkaido Prefectural Government