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Shizuoka University
School of Regional Development
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Associate Professor
Doctor of Philosophy(Ritsumeikan University)

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Academic & Professional Experience

Kyoto University

Published Papers

A Preliminary Thinking about Buraku Problem and Discrimination Regulation: A Case of Hate Speech
山本 崇記
The bulletin of Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute   (20) 137-154   Jul 2015   [Refereed]
Research Introduction Process of Area Management in Community Development : A Case of Dowa District
山本 崇記
Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute Bulltin   (19) 133-160   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
Development and Challenge of the "post" Dowa Administration: "Curse" of Residential District Improvement Poject and Settlement Project
山本 崇記
THE LIBERATION OF HUMANKIND: A Sociological Review   (25) 113-132   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
A position of "Sujin Education" in local society and Yuwa Movement: a thinking from the footprint of Nakajima Genzaburou
山本 崇記
Notre Critique   (4) 96-112   May 2011   [Refereed]


Who are the people who support Korean schools in Japan: Focusing on the perspectives of ethnicity and resident status
山本 崇記
Ars Vivendi Research of Ritsumeikan   (1) 63-70   Mar 2018
An Essay on Affirming the Settlement Center: Ways of Social Work and Buraku Liberation
山本 崇記
The Bulletin of Saga Institute of Buraku Liberation:The Study on Buraku History Material   (35) 2-19   Mar 2018
Two points that were not questioned in court: local community and support group
山本 崇記
HOUGAKU Seminar   60(7) 54-56   Jul 2015
Sketch of Discrimination Theory : Understanding of Buraku Discrimination
山本 崇記
(32) 1-18   Mar 2014
Politics of Multicltural Measures in Local Administration : A Case of Kyoto City
山本 崇記
Korean Community Studies   (4) 28-41   Dec 2013

Books etc

Guidebook to Shizuoka by Shizuoka University: Special Way of Walking
静岡大学人文社会科学部・地域創造学環 (Part:Joint Editor)
Showado   Mar 2019   
Religion and Multi Ethnic Community and Contemporary Japan: Exploring about relation Immigrants and Local Community
山本崇記,高橋典史,白波瀬達也 (Part:Joint Work)
Akashi   Apr 2018   
Buraku Problem Studies as a Problematic: Evasion, Inclusion and Exclusion of Modern Japan
山本 崇記,廣岡 浄進,野口 道彦 (Part:Joint Work)
Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute   Mar 2018   
山本 崇記,金尚均,中村一成,阿久澤麻理子 (Part:Joint Work)
Ryukoku University Committee of Human Rights Studies   Mar 2016   
Human Rights Education of Global Ctizen
山本 崇記 (Part:Joint Work)
Kaihou Press   Oct 2015