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National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO, Division of Informatics and Inventory, Statistical Modeling Unit
Job title
Principal Scientist
PhD(The Univ. Tokyo)


I’m a quantitative ecologist and basically an applied entomologist. I'm mainly working on field data with statistical techniques and population dynamics with simulation models.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Senior researcher, Statistical Modeling Unit, Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO


Apr 1995
Mar 2000
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Applied Entomology and Zoology  Editorial board
International Journal of Pest Management  Editorial board member
Population Ecology  Editorial board member

Published Papers

Disentangling the drivers of invasion spread in a vector-borne tree disease
Osada Y, Yamakita T, Shoda-Kagaya E, Liebhold AM, Yamanaka T
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山中武彦, 森本信生
農業環境技術研究所研究成果情報   32 39-40   Mar 2016
所雅彦, 北島博, 加賀谷悦子, 衣浦晴生, 後藤秀章, 近藤洋史, 齊藤正一, 岡田充弘, 栗生剛, 大谷栄徳, 山中武彦, 吉濱健
森林総合研究所研究成果選集   2015 52-53   Jul 2015
Kondoh Hiroshi, Saito Shoichi, Kagaya Etsuko, Kinuura Haruo, Yamanaka Takehiko, Tokoro Masahiko, Makino Shun'ichi
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   124(0)    2013
二橋 亮, 山中 武彦, 植村 好延
茨城県自然博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of Ibaraki Nature Museum   (15) 13-38   Dec 2012
Kondoh Hiroshi, Saito Shoichi, Kinuura Haruo, Kato Toru, Okada Mitsuhiro, Suda Tomohisa, Hiruta Toshihide, Nunokawa Koichi, Ohashi Akihiro, Hayashi Shinpei, Yamanaka Takehiko, Kagaya Etsuko, Makino Shun'ichi
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   122(0) 620-620   2011
Kondoh Hiroshi, Saito Shoichi, Kinuura Haruo, Kato Toru, Nunokawa Koichi, Okada Mitsuhiro, Ohashi Akihiro, Fukui Shuji, Suda Tomohisa, Hiruta Toshihide, Yamanaka Takehiko, Kagaya Etsuko, Makino Shun'ichi
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   121(0) 717-717   2010
Otuka Akira, Yamanaka Takehiko
Agricultural Information Research   12(2) 113-124   2003
This study presents a handheld application for insect field surveys. The application is designed not only to assist in surveying insects living in spatially structured habitats but also to facilitate subsequent data analysis in a Geographical Info...
Osawa T, Yamanaka T, Nakatani Y, Nishihiro J, Takahashi S, Mahoro S, Sasaki H
Biodiversity Data Journal   5 e212171   2017

Conference Activities & Talks

TomboWatch! Entertainment web based gaming system for the dragonfly survey as a tool of citizen's science
Yamanaka T, Osawa T, Nakatani Y, Naka H, Tatsuta H
Population Ecology Annual Meeting 2017   2017   
Remarkable generation separation by temperature destabilization appears in a tortrix pest all across Japan
Takehiko Yamanaka, Ottar N. Bjornstad, William A. Nelson, Jun Tabata, Yasushi Sato
2017年The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Portland, WA, USA)   2017   
Realistic dose―response model for pesticide resistance management
Masaaki Sudo, Takehiko Yamanaka
Population Ecology Annual Meeting 2016   Oct 2016   
Remarkable generation separation appears in extra-ordinary long-term surveillance records of a moth pest all across Japan
Takehiko Yamanaka, Ottar N. Bjørnstad, William A. Nelson, Jun TABATA, Yasushi SATO
XXV International Congress of Entomology (Orland, FD, USA)   Sep 2016   
山中武彦, 大澤剛士, 中谷至伸, 二橋亮, 立田晴記
日本応用動物昆虫学会大会講演要旨   10 Mar 2016   
須藤正彬, 山中武彦
日本応用動物昆虫学会大会講演要旨   10 Mar 2016   
Allee effect in pine wilt disease
Takehiko Yamanaka, Takehisa Yamakita, Yutaka Osada, Etsuko Kagaya, Andrew M. Liebhold
Annual meeting of the Society of Population Ecology   2016   
報農会シンポジウム植物保護ハイビジョン   2016   
須藤正彬, 山中武彦, 高橋大輔, 鈴木芳人
日本生態学会大会講演要旨(Web)   2016   
山中武彦, 須藤正彬, 鈴木芳人, 高橋大輔
個体群生態学会大会プログラム・講演要旨集   6 Oct 2015   
森本信生, 山中武彦, 桐谷圭治, 守屋成一
日本応用動物昆虫学会大会講演要旨   10 Mar 2015   
須藤正彬, 高橋大輔, 山中武彦
日本応用動物昆虫学会大会講演要旨   10 Mar 2015   
Management of pesticide resistance based on heterogeneous field management and type of pests
Takehiko Yamanaka and Yoshito Suzuki
The Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting   Nov 2014   
Moth outbreak dynamics across Japan suggest evolution at the northern range limit [Invited]
Oct 2014   
Quantitative risk-assessment for the potential alien pest insects in Japan using a GIS-based web database of the world pest insects
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Atsushi Mochizuki and Takeshi Osawa
The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting   Aug 2013   
Reconstruction of the past: effective exploitation of historical records of odonate species
Takehiko YAMANAKA R Futahashi, T Kadoya, A Sasamoto, Y Morioka and T Osawa
Aug 2012   
Adaptation to the newland: Rapid voltinism change in a lepidopteran insect [Invited]
Mar 2012   
Severe mass oak defoliation in Japan by oak wilt disease: Origin and propagation pattern of the defoliation
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Kouichi Nunokawa, Shoichi Saito, Hiroshi Kondoh, Etsuko Shoda-Kagaya and Shun'ichi Makino
2011年The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Austin, Texas, USA)   2011   
A Toolkit of Population Models: Management of Invasive Alien Species [Invited]
26th Population Ecology Annual Meeting   2010   
Hybridization with a native species may assist establishment of an invader
2010年The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)   2010   
Ecological aspect of generation separation in multivoltine insects in temperate zone
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Koichiro UCHIMURA, Willam A. NELSON and Ottar N. BJØRNSTAD)
The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)   2009   
Relative importance of within-habitat environment, land use and spatial autocorrelations for determining odonate assemblages in rural reservoir ponds in Japan
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Kenji HAMASAKI, Koichi TANAKA, Yukinobu NAKATANI, Nobusuke IWASAKI and David Sprague
The Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)   2008   
Detecting spatial interactions in the ragweed (Ambrosia artemissifolia L.) and the ragweed beetle (Ophraella communa LeSage) populations
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Koichi TANAKA, Akira OTUKA and Ottar N. BJØRNSTAD
A simple method for evaluating the relative importance of environmental conditions within habitats and connectivity among habitats in odonate metapopulations
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Koichi TANAKA, Kenji HAMASAKI, Yukinobu NAKATANI, Nobusuke IWASAKI and David Sprague
Spatial constraints or environmental preferences?: Odonate species in ponds of a Japanese rural area
Takehiko YAMANAKA, Koichi TANAKA, Kenji HAMASAKI, Yukinobu NAKATANI, Nobusuke IWASAKI, David S. SPRAGUE and Ottar N. BJØRNSTAD
The Ecological Society of America 91th Annual Meeting(Memphis, Tennessee USA)   2006   
Methods to evaluate environmental effects vs. spatial constrains in insect metapopulations
Takehiko YAMANAKA and Ottar N. BJØRNSTAD
The Entomological Society of America 54th Annual Meeting(Indianapolis, Indiana USA)   2006   
Development and Utilization of APASD (Asian-Pacific Alien Species Database)
Takehiko YAMANAKA & Masaharu MATSUI
NIAES-FFTC Joint International Seminar on Biological Invasions   2003   
An individual-based model forsex-pheromone-oriented flight patterns of male moths
Development of new biotype pests to resistant varieties: effects of life history traits and dominance of the toxin-resistance
Takehiko YAMANAKA & Yoshito SUZUKI