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Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Medical Research Institute Medical Genomics
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Dr. Sci(The University of Tokyo)
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Apr 2012
Associate Professor, Medical Research Institute Medical Genomics, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Apr 2008
Mar 2012
Associate Professor, Biomedical Science PhD Program / Graduate School of Biomedical Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Sep 2003
Mar 2008
Junior Associate Professor, Biomedical Science PhD Program / Graduate School of Biomedical Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Apr 2000
Aug 2003
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Mar 2017
Jul 2018
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics (MIMG), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Apr 1994
Mar 1999
Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1989
Mar 1994
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Apr 2018
The RNA Society of Japan  Council Officer
Apr 2016
Mar 2018
The RNA Society of Japan  Council Officer

Published Papers

Watabe Eichi, Ono Shoichiro, Kuroyanagi Hidehito
CYTOSKELETON   75(10) 427-436   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Tropomyosin isoforms contribute to generation of functionally divergent actin filaments. In the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, multiple isoforms are produced from lev‐11, the single tropomyosin gene, by combination of two separate promoters and ...
Hiroaki Iwasa, Aradhan Sarkar, Takanobu Shimizu, Takeru Sawada, Shakhawoat Hossain, Xiaoyin Xu, Junichi Maruyama, Kyoko Arimoto-Matsuzaki, Kanchanamala Withanage, Kentaro Nakagawa, Hidetake Kurihara, Hidehito Kuroyanagi, Yutaka Hata
Cancer Sci.   109(9) 2767-2780   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Ras-association domain family 6 (RASSF6) is a tumor suppressor that interacts with MDM2 and stabilizes p53. Caenorhabditis elegans unc-119 encodes a protein that is required for normal development of the nervous system. Humans have 2 unc-119 homol...
Rie Murayama, Mariko Kimura-Asami, Marina Togo-Ohno, Yumiko Yamasaki-Kato, Taeko K Naruse, Takeshi Yamamoto, Takeharu Hayashi, Tomohiko Ai, Katherine G Spoonamore, Richard J Kovacs, Matteo Vatta, Mai Iizuka, Masumi Saito, Shotaro Wani, Yuichi Hiraoka, Akinori Kimura, Hidehito Kuroyanagi
Sci Rep   8(1) 8970-8970   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
RBM20 is a major regulator of heart-specific alternative pre-mRNA splicing of TTN encoding a giant sarcomeric protein titin. Mutation in RBM20 is linked to autosomal-dominant familial dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), yet most of the RBM20 missense mu...
Dawn E Barnes, Eichi Watabe, Kanako Ono, Euiyoung Kwak, Hidehito Kuroyanagi, Shoichiro Ono
Mol. Biol. Cell   29(9) 1075-1088   May 2018   [Refereed]
Tropomyosin, one of the major actin filament-binding proteins, regulates actin-myosin interaction and actin-filament stability. Multicellular organisms express a number of tropomyosin isoforms, but understanding of isoform-specific tropomyosin fun...
Masahiro Tomioka, Yasuki Naito, Hidehito Kuroyanagi, Yuichi Iino
Nat Commun   7 11645-11645   May 2016   [Refereed]
Alternative splicing generates protein diversity essential for neuronal properties. However, the precise mechanisms underlying this process and its relevance to physiological and behavioural functions are poorly understood. To address these issues...


Watanabe T, Kimura A, Kuroyanagi H
Frontiers in molecular biosciences   5 105   Nov 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
RBM20 is a vertebrate-specific RNA-binding protein with two zinc finger (ZnF) domains, one RNA-recognition motif (RRM)-type RNA-binding domain and an arginine/serine (RS)-rich region. RBM20 has initially been identified as one of dilated cardiomyo...
Shotaro Wani, Hidehito Kuroyanagi
Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA   8(6) e1428   Jul 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
A nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is an intron-rich organism and up to 25% of its pre-mRNAs are estimated to be alternatively processed. Its compact genomic organization enables construction of fluorescence splicing reporters with intact genomic s...
Hidehito Kuroyanagi
Worm   2(3) e23834-e23834   Jul 2013   [Refereed][Invited]
Alternative processing of precursor mRNAs (pre-mRNAs), including alternative transcription start sites, alternative splicing and alternative polyadenylation, is the major source of protein diversity and plays crucial roles in development, differen...
New approaches to decipher pre-mRNA splicing codes.
Hidehito Kuroyanagi
Seikagaku   82(5) 402-411   May 2010   [Refereed][Invited]
Hidehito Kuroyanagi
Cell. Mol. Life Sci.   66(24) 3895-3907   Dec 2009   [Refereed][Invited]
The Fox-1 family of RNA-binding proteins are evolutionarily conserved regulators of tissue-specific alternative splicing in metazoans. The Fox-1 family specifically recognizes the (U)GCAUG stretch in regulated exons or in flanking introns, and eit...

Books etc

Hidehito Kuroyanagi, Akihide Takeuchi, Takayuki Nojima and Masatoshi Hagiwara (Part:Contributor, Chapter 28: Single cell detection of splicing events with fluorescent splicing reporters.)
Wiley-VCH   Jan 2012   ISBN:978-3-527-32606-8
This book was written for graduate and medical students, as well as clinicians and postdoctoral researchers. It describes the theory of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in twelve introductory chapters and then introduces protocols and their theoretic...

Conference Activities & Talks

Analysis of RBM20 mutations associated with dilated cardiomyopathy [Invited]
6 Oct 2019   
Eichi Watabe and Hidehito Kuroyanagi
The 22nd International C. elegans Meeting   23 Jun 2019   Genetics Society of America
In animals, many proteins involved in actin filament organization and functions have multiple isoforms owing to gene duplication and/or alternative pre-mRNA splicing. These isoforms are often expressed in cell-type-specific fashions. However, sele...
Eichi Watabe and Hidehito Kuroyanagi
The 22nd International C. elegans Meeting   21 Jun 2019   Genetics Society of America
Eichi Watabe and Hidehito Kuroyanagi
The 24th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society   14 Jun 2019   Genetics Society of America
In previous studies, we analyzed order of intron excision in some of alternatively spliced pre-mRNAs in Caenorhabditis elegans. We found that a downstream intron was excised first for select of neuron-specific exon 7a of the unc-32 gene, whereas a...
Phosphorylation of RBM20 on the RSRSP stretch, a hot spot of mutations in dilated cardiomyopathy, is critical for splicing regulation in the mouse heart [Invited]
Hidehito Kuroyanagi, Kensuke Ihara, Marina Ohno-Togo, Akinori Kimura and Tetsuo Sasano
The 2nd Joint Australia-Japan/ Japan-Australia Joint RNA Meeting 2018 (JAJ RNA 2018)   7 Nov 2018   
Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a common form of cardiomyopathy, affecting approximately one in 250-500 in general population and characterized by left ventricular dilatation and systolic dysfunction. A next generation sequencing method has recent...

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[Informant]  Nature Reviews Genetics  (Research Highlight)  1 Mar 2008
Observing the real-time changes in gene expression that occur during the development of a living worm is now possible owing to a recent study by Ohno and colleagues. Using fluorescent proteins, the team visualized developmentally regulated changes...
[Informant]  Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology  (Technology Watch)  1 Mar 2008
Observing the development of a living worm in real time is now possible, according to a study by Ohno and colleagues. Using fluorescent proteins, they visualized developmentally regulated changes in live nematodes during alternative pre-mRNA splic...


Jul 2010
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
July 11-14, 2010.