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Doshisha University
Faculty of Social Studies Department of Media, Journalism and Communications
Job title

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of International Culture, Kobe University
Faculty of Education, Kobe University

Committee Memberships

The Japan Society of Design  (Officer)
The Society for Ethno-Arts  (Officer)

Awards & Honors

2012 Japan Academy of Advertising Award, 2012 Achievement from Grant Research on " The Birth of Modern Advertising: When Posters Were the New Media”
9th Kimura Shigenobu Society for Ethno-Arts Award, 2012 Achievement from Grant Research on " The Birth of Modern Advertising: When Posters Were the New Media”
17th Kajima Foundation for the Arts Award Excellent, 2008 Achievement from Grant Research on "The Advent of Japan’s Advertising Art in the 1920s: Departure from Posters of Beautiful Women to the Acceptance of German Design”

Published Papers

Takeuchi,Y. (2018) “The Advent of the Shopwindow from the End of the Meiji Era to the Start of the Taisho Era: Modern Advertising Before Printing”
Journal of Advertising Science,Vol.65, Japan Academy of Advertising,   第65集 
Takeuchi,Y. (2018) “Awakening to Modern Advertising Design in the Taisho Era as Seen in the Magazines Uindo Gahō and Uindo Times”
Journal of the Japan Society of Design, Vol.71, The Japan Society of Design, pp.1-14.   (第71号) 1-14   2018
Takeuchi,Y. (2013) “Event Advertising in a New Era of Advertising as Seen in the Mannensha Collection: Introduction to Research in Osaka’s Advertising History”
Ethno-arts, Vol.29, The Society for Ethno-arts, pp.67-73, p.23 (Reference drawing).   (第29号) pp.67-73 p.23(図版)   2013
Takeuchi,Y. (2009)“The Advent of Japanese Advertising Expressions: From Posters of Beautiful Women to Modern Design”
Ethno-arts, Vol.25, The Society for Ethno-arts,   (第25号) pp.67-73, pp.100-110.   2009
Takeuchi,Y. (2007)“Typography in the Magazine Kōkokukai: From Design to Layout”
Journal of the Japan Society of Design, Vol.51, The Japan Society of Design   (第51号) 31-44   2007

Books etc

Ed. Takeuchi,Y. (2017) The Dawn of Advertising: Collected Research on Osaka and Mannensha, Takeuchi, Y. “Chapter 1: Takagi Sadae’s Dreams and Passion for Pre-War Osaka’s Outdoor Advertisements”
Kyoto: Shibunkaku.   2017   ISBN:978-4-784219-11-7
Ed. Takeuchi, Y. (2016) The Reprint of company history commemorating the 40th anniversary of Mannenn-sha, Takeuchi, Y. “A New Era in the Advertising Industry as Seen Through the Activities of Mannensha”
Tokyo: Yumani-shyobo.   2016   
Takeuchi,Y. (2016) “Chapter 4: A New Age in Advertising”
in Yamamoto, Taketoshi and Tsuchiya, Reiko, eds., Social Conditions During the Allied Occupation: Magazine Materials III in the Gordon W. Prange Collection — New Media Lifestyle, Tokyo: Shinyo-sha , pp.223-286.   2016   
Takeuchi,Y. (2015)“Chapter 12: Historical Research in Advertising Expressions”
in Mizuno, Yutaka and others, eds., Advertising Communication Research Handbook, Tokyo:Yuhi-kaku   2015   
Takeuchi,Y. (2015) “Chapter 4:Advertising”
in Watanabe, Takesato and others, eds., Current State of Media Studies. New Revision 2nd edition, Kyoto:Sekaishiso-sha,   2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

From the Old Mannensha Collection: The Reality of Advertising Gimmicks During the Meiji and Taisho Eras”
(Japan Academy of Advertising, Creative Forum at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan), May 2012.   2012   
History and classification method of Mannen-sha collection arrangement
The Association for the Study of Cultural Resources   2019   
“The Work of the Pres Arto Research Society: Its Potential as Material for Media History Research”
The 291th monthly meeting of Media History Study Group   2019   
Yoshihara Jiro's "Public Relations" and "Advertisements"
Reconsideration of "Gutai"   2019   
“Red and White as Tokyo Olympic Pre-Event Colors: Nationalism Aroused by Emblems and Blazers”
Korea Association of Japanology Meeting   2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Fiscal Year 2016 - 2019  “Research into the History of Kansai Advertising Based on a Comprehensive Survey of Actual Ads in the New Age Advertising Industry Magazine Pres Arto” Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research <KAKENHI>, Japan Society for the P
Scientific Research(C)(General)
Project Year: 2016 - 2019
Fiscal Year 2012 - 2015  “Basic Research in the History of Advertising Based on Materials in the Old Mannensha Collection” Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research <KAKENHI>, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), 4,000,000yen.
Scientific Research(C)(General)
Project Year: 2012 - 2016