MATSUO Takanori

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MATSUO Takanori
Kokugakuin University
Faculty of Letters, Liberal Arts General-Education Curriculum


Takanori Matsuo
Bulletin of Salesian Polytechnic   44 7-14   Mar 2015
This paper considers the function of TEMORAU from the perspective of Japanese-English comparison. According to several previous studies, it is often pointed out that TEMORAU encodes more pragmatic functions; not only causative and passive, but ben...
Takanori Matsuo
Bulletin of Salesian Polytechnic   43 1-9   Dec 2014
The aim of this paper is to suggestively argue the semantic meaning of the Japanese subsidiary verb TEMORAU within the framework of Relevance Theory (Sperber & Wilson,1995). According to some traditional analyses, it is said that once a verb is us...
Takanori MATSUO
Bulletin of Salesian Polytechnic   40 7-16   Mar 2013
In this paper, I argue how the Japanese translation with a subsidiary verb TEKURERU can beguided from the original English texts. According to Masuoka (2001), Japanese tends to expressspeaker's attitude of benefactive more explicitly than other la...
Matsuo Takanori
人文研究   (179) 13-53,巻末1p   2013
 This paper aims to give a unitary account of the use of the Japanese subsidiary verb "TEKURERU", within the framework of Cognitive Pragmatics. In previous studies, some researchers conclude that certainfunctions of "TEKURERU" are functions taken ...
MAJIMA Akiko, SHIINA Masaaki, NOJIMA Nobuhito, ISHIDA Takeshi, MATSUO Takanori, MARQUES Luis A.
工学教育研究講演会講演論文集   24(60) 390-391   Aug 2012