IITAKA, Shingo

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IITAKA, Shingo
University of Kochi
Faculty of Cultural Studies

Published Papers

Remembering Nan'yō from Okinawa: Deconstructing the Former Empire of Japan through Memorial Practices
IITAKA, Shingo
History and Memory   27(2) 126-151   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Saipan Town on Angaur Island, Palau: Contact among Micronesian Mine Workers under the Japanese Administration
IITAKA, Shingo
The Bulletin of the University of Kochi, Faculty of Cultural Studies Issue   62 13-24   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Conflicting Discourses on Colonial Assimilation: A Palauan Cultural Tour to Japan, 1915
IITAKA, Shingo
Pacific Asia Inquiry   2(1) 85-102   Sep 2011   [Refereed]

Books etc

Kaul, A. and J. Skinner (eds.) 2018 Leisure and Death: An Anthropological Tour of Risk, Death, and Dying
IITAKA, Shingo (Part:Contributor, Tourism of Darkness and Light: Japanese Commemorative Tourism to Paradise)
University Press of Colorado   May 2018   

Conference Activities & Talks

Conflicting Legacies of the Pacific War: Misinterpretation between Japanese Ireidan (Spirit-Consoling Tour Group) and Local Micronesians
IITAKA, Shingo
22nd Pacific History Association Biennial Conference 2016   21 May 2016   
Mining, Bombing, and Touring: Dark Tourism and War Memory in Palau.
IITAKA, Shingo
Pacific History Association 21st Biennial Conference 2014   3 Dec 2014   
Palauans Singing “Asadoya Yunta”: Remembering Contacts among Mineworkers in Ngardmau, Palau under the Japanese Administration.
IITAKA, Shingo
Transoceania 2012: Currents of Memory, Identity, and Representation between the Islands of Japan and Oceania   14 Jul 2012   
Reviewing Visual Images of Palau from the Japanese Administration Era
IITAKA, Shingo
"Back to the Future": Palau's Japanese Era and its Relevance for the Future   18 Jun 2012   
Spirit-consoling Tours to Micronesia by Japanese: A Case of Okinawan Returnees Conducting Memorial Services in Palau and Saipan [Invited]
IITAKA, Shingo
Travelling Heritages. Return-tourism of WW II-veterans, survivors and relatives to and from Indonesia and Japan. . An Expert Meeting of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD)   20 Oct 2011   
Palauans Dancing to an Okinawan Folk Song: Memories of Japanese Imperialism and the Pacific War in Palau
IITAKA, Shingo
Anthropology Colloquium Series at the Department of Anthropology, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Co-sponsored with the Center for Pacific Island Studies and the Center for Japanese Studies   9 Sep 2010   
Cultural Tours to Japan Taken by Micronesian Islanders: Reflections on the Haunting Colonial Discourse on Assimilation of 'Primitive Peoples' [Invited]
IITAKA, Shingo
CAPAS-MARC 2010 Workshop: Migration, Network and Colonial Legacies in the Pacific Islands   12 Nov 2010   
Saipan Town in Angaur Island, Palau: Contact between Micronesian Mine Workers
IITAKA, Shingo
International Symposium: “The Japanese Colonial Past of the Mariana Islands”   15 May 2010   
Going to the Metropolis and Building Leadership in the Homeland: A Case Study of Palau, Micronesia [Invited]
IITAKA, Shingo
Kyoto Symposium, 2006: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries and Re-visioning Area Studies: Perspectives from Asia and Africa. Satellite Workshop 6: Migrants and Homelands: Dynamics of Networks and Communication   10 Nov 2006   

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