Sawae Fumiko

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Sawae Fumiko
Sophia University
Faculty of Global Studies, Department of Global Studies
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Sophia University
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Published Papers

The Condition of the Post-Kemalist Public Sphere in Turkey
SAWAE Fumiko
Sophia Journal of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies   (35) 181-201   Dec 2017   [Invited]
CISTEC Journal   (147) 90-99   Sep 2013
Solutions for the Turkey's Kurdish Problem Narrowed Down but Stuck : the Demands of the PKK and the Response of the AKP Government
Sawae Fumiko
Journal of world affairs   60(11) 104-121   Nov 2012
Roundtable talk: Nobuhisa Degawa×Shuji Hosaka×Fumiko Sawae×Ken Miichi: Islamization of society and democracy
Diplomacy   7 92-104   May 2011

Books etc

NGOs in the Muslim World (New horizons in Islamic studies (second series)) "Post-Islamic Advocacy on Gender in Turkey: The Capital City Women’s Platform"
Sawae Fumiko (Part:Joint Work, pp.87-101)
Routledge   Nov 2015   ISBN:9781138914902
Gender equality in Asia : policies and political participation
Sawae Fumiko (Part:Joint Translation, 221-245)
Tohoku University Press   Mar 2012   ISBN:9784861631856
Handbook of democratization in the Middle Eastern and Islamic countries
Sawae Fumiko (Part:Joint Work)
Jun 2011   ISBN:9784750334257
Handbook of democratization in the Middle Eastern and Islamic countries
Sawae Fumiko (Part:Joint Work)
Akashishoten   Jun 2011   ISBN:9784750334257
『Development of Parliamentarism in the Modern Islamic World』 (Toyo Bunko research library, 11)
Sawae Fumiko
The Toyo Bunko   2009   ISBN:9784809702273

Conference Activities & Talks

The Politics of Belonging and Islam under Erdoğanist Turkey [Invited]
Fumiko SAWAE
“The Clash of Authoritarianisms: Secularism versus Islamism in Turkey”   1 Apr 2019   The Turkish Studies Project, The University of Utah
Practicing Women in the Public Sphere: The Case of the Capital City Women’s Platform in Turkey
Sixth International Cultural Studies Conference "Space and Culture"   2011   
A Stalemate in Conflicts Relating to Laiklik and Islamic Movements in Turkey
The Slavic Research Center Winter International Symposium "The South Ossetian Conflict and Trans-border   2009   
Islamic Women's Advocacy in Turkey
International Workshop “Diversity of Islamic NGOs”   2009   
"Rebuilding a Confessional State: Islamic Ecclesiology in Turkey, Russia, and China"
"Comparing the Politics of the Eurasian Regional Powers: China, Russia, India, and Turkey"   2009   


Dec 2017
Editor's Note (Sophia Journal of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies No. 35, 2017:127-129.)