Takao Chizuko

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Takao Chizuko
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Published Papers

Russian-Jewish Harbin before World War II
Takao Chizuko
Japanese Slavic and East European Studies,   32 39-53   2012   [Refereed]


高尾 千津子
ユダヤ・イスラエル研究 = Studies on Jewish life and culture   (31) 17-24   Dec 2017
高尾 千津子
Studies on Jewish life and culture   28(0) 124-126   2014
TAKAO Chizuko
Shigaku zasshi   122(1) 85-89   Jan 2013
アルトマン イリヤ, 高尾 千津子
ユダヤ・イスラエル研究   (26) 85-90   Dec 2012
Jonathan L. Dekel-Chen, Farming the Red Land: Jewish Agricultural Colonization and Local Soviet Power, 1924–1941, (Yale University Press, 2005)
Takao Chizuko
Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe, (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)   (57) 138-141   2006   [Invited]
Robert Weinberg, Stalin's Forgotten Zion, (Berkeley, 1998)
Takao Chizuko
Polin ,A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies (The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Oxford)   12 492-494   Oct 2002   [Invited]
高尾 千津子
Studies on Jewish life and culture   (16) 78-83   Apr 1998

Books etc

David Wolff et. als. Eds, Russia’s Great War and Revolution in the Far East: Re-Imagining the Northeast Asian Theater, 1914-22
Takao Chizuko (Part:Contributor, “World War I, the Siberian Intervention, and Antisemitism: The Reception of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Japan”)
Slavica Publishers   Nov 2018   

Conference Activities & Talks

“Jewish Question” in the Russian Far East during the Russian Civil War: 1918-1922
Takao Chizuko
the 25th International Annual Conference on Jewish Studies, Moscow   4 Feb 2018   
World War I, the Siberian Intervention, and Anti-Semitism
Takao Chizuko
The 47th Annual ASEEES Convention, Philadelphia   22 Nov 2015   
Antisemitism in the Russian Far East during the Civil War
Takao Chizuko
IX World Congress of International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES)   4 Aug 2015   
The Joint and the Zionist Youth (Hechalutz) Movements in Crimea in the 1920s
Takao Chizuko
Mediating Israeli History and East European History, International Conference   12 Jan 2015   
Japan and Jewish Refugee Question 1938-1941
Takao Chizuko
VIII International Conference: Lessons of the Holocaust and Contemporary Russia, Kaliningrad   Nov 2013   
Siberian Intervention and the Protocols of Elders of Zion in Japan
Takao Chizuko
The 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem   30 Jul 2013   
“International Reactions to the Birobidzhan Project”
Takao Chizuko
Проблемы межэтнического взаимодействия на Дальнем Востоке России, История и современность   11 Sep 2011   
Japan faces its Jews: Harbin Jewish Community under the Japanese rule
Takao Chizuko
The 15th World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem   Aug 2009   
Reconstructing Jewish Colonies in Ukraine: The Joint Distribution Committee and the MTS
Takao Chizuko
“To the Land: 200 years of Jewish Agricultural Settlement” Tel Aviv   Jun 2005   
Reevaluating the 'Birobidzhan Project':The Regional Context [Invited]
Takao Chizuko
Russia on the Pacific, Khabarovsk   Aug 1995