TERAO Kyohei

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TERAO Kyohei
Kagawa University
Faculty of Engineering Department of Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2007
Mar 2009
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Micro Engineering, Kyoto University
Apr 2009
Apr 2013
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University
May 2013
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University
Oct 2014
PRESTO Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Oct 2015
Deputy Director, Nano-Micro Device Integrated Research Center, Kagawa University
Aug 2016
Associate Professor, International Institute of Rare Sugar Research and Education, Kagawa University
Associate professor, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Kagawa University
Sep 2018
Visiting researcher, Physicochemistry Curie Laboratory, Institut Curie


Apr 2002
Mar 2007
Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1998
Mar 2002
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto Univeristy


"Cell-like Sensor" Devices Directed to Ultra Low Invasive Implementation
高尾英邦, 森宏仁, 前田祐作, 綿谷一輝, 寺尾京平, 下川房男, 前田光平, 香西亮吾(Hidekuni Takao, 森宏仁, 前田祐作, 綿谷一輝, 寺尾京平, 下川房男, 前田光平, 香西亮吾)
Vol. J101-C(No. 1) pp. 9-17   Jan 2018   [Refereed]
Furuya Naoki, SHIMAGAMI Takuya, TERAO Kyohei, TAKAO Hidekuni, SHIMOKAWA Fusao, AKIMITSU Kazuya, SUZUKI Takaaki
Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP   2016 "E-2-3-1"-"E-2-3-3"   Mar 2016
In recent years, the various studies of trapping and operating single cells by using a microfluidic have been proceeded. Many conventional methods requires a fluid operating unit outside the device. Therefore, it is difficult to carry the device d...
UENO Hidetaka, KOMAI Shoji, TERAO Kyohei, TAKAO Hidekuni, SHIMOKAWA Fusao, KOTERA Hidetoshi, SUZUKI Takaaki
Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP   2016 "E-2-4-1"-"E-2-4-4"   Mar 2016
In brain science and psychology, one of the most important purposes of recent studies about neural network, biological circuit in brain, is to establish a method of treatment for the central nervous system disease, such as Alzheimer. Neurons in a ...
前田祐作, 寺尾京平, 下川房男, 高尾英邦(Yusaku Maeda, Kyohei Terao, Fusao Shimokawa, Hidekuni Takao)
Japanese Jouranal of Applied Physics   55 pp. 04EF11-1~04EF11-6   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
寺尾 京平
旭硝子財団助成研究成果報告 Reports of research assisted by the Asahi Glass Foundation   1-6   2016