ZHOU Sheng

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ZHOU Sheng
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Institute of Engineering, Division of Applied Chemistry, Institute of Engineering Division of Applied Chemistry
Job title
Assistant Professor
Doctor of Engineering
Other affiliation
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Research Areas



Sheng Zhou, Yutaka Nakashimada, Masaaki Hosomi
Ecological Engineering   35(2) 213-220   2009
Air Pollution Control in Japan
Sheng Zhou
Environment Herald   6 37-38   2000
Sheng Zhou, Hong Hou, Masaaki Hosomi
Water, air, & soil pollution   191(1-4) 171-182   2008
Hong Hou, Sheng Zhou, Masaaki Hosomi, Koki Toyota, Kiori Yosimura, Yuko Muto, Taku Nishimura, Masao Takayanagi, and Takashi Motobayashi
Water, air, & soil pollution   183(1-4) 37-48   2007

Books etc

"Aquatic Ecosystem Research Trends": Chapter 6,The Functional Role of Phragmites Australis in the Inhibition of Cyanobacterial Growth and the Transition of Plant Species
Nova Science Publishers   2009   ISBN:978-1-60692-772-4
"International Wetlands: Ecology, Conservation and Restoration": Chapter 12, Effect of constructed wetland on river water quality and genetic diversity of Phragmites australis.
Nova Science Publishers   2009   ISBN:978-1-60456-999-5

Conference Activities & Talks

Nitrogen removal and transformation in constructed wetland with forage rice
Workshop on utilization of animal waste into paddy field   2009   
Comparative study of nitrogen transformations in vertical flow systems using a high resolution soil-water profiler
2nd International symposium on wetland pollutant dynamics and control   2007   
Nutrient polluted river water treatment using SF-VF constructed wetland
The 16th Seminar of JSPS-MOE Core University Program on Urban Environment   2008   
Nitrogen recycling based on wetland systems with forage rice
China/USA/Japan Joint Chemical Engineering Conference   2005   
Nitrogen balance and nitrous oxide emission of paddy fields following treatment with high load liquid cattle waste
11th International Conference on Wetlands Systems for Water Pollution Control   2008