ODA Hisaya

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ODA Hisaya
Ritsumeikan University
College of Policy Science, Department of Policy Science
Job title
Other affiliation
Ritsumeikan UniversityRitsumeikan University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2003
May 2004
Visting Researcher, South Asian Studies Program, National University of Singapore
Jun 2004
Sep 2005
Visting Researcher, Department of Economics, Lahore University of Management Science, Pakistan

Committee Memberships

Apr 2007
Mar 2009
Developing Economies (Blackwell)  Editorial board member
Sep 2012
Mar 2015
Migration and Development (Routledge)  Editorial board member
Jun 2017
Mar 2018
JETRO Bangkok  Member of Research on Human resource development, employment, and mobility of healthcare professionals in Southeast Asia

Published Papers

Does Local Government Capacity Hamper Improvement of Basic Education? An Analysis at the District Level in Indonesia
Jasmina, Thia and Hisaya Oda
International Journal of Economics and Management   12(S1) 181-196   Dec 2018
Hisaya Oda, Yuko Tsujita, Sebastian I. Rajan
Journal of International Migration and Integration   19(3) 607-624   Aug 2018
An Analysis of Indian Nurses’ Intention to Migrate Abroad
Hisaya Oda
アジ研調査研究報告書「看護師の国際労働移動:フィリピンとインドの比較」      Mar 2018
アジ研ポリシー・ブリーフ   (114)    Mar 2018
農村における不法な電力へのアクセス(盗電)に関する一考察 -インド・ビハール州の農村調査より-
政策科学   25(3) 197-209   Mar 2018

Books etc

"International Migration of Indian Nurses at the Place of Origin and the Destination" in Y. Tsujita ed.Human Resource Development, Employment and Mobility of Healthcare Professionals in South East Asia: The Case of Nurses
Hisaya Oda, Yuko Tsujita
Institute of Developing Economies/JETRO Bangkok Research Centre   Mar 2018   
"Education and Migration of Nurses: The Case of India" in Y. Tsujita ed. Human Resource Development and the Mobility of Skilled Labour in Southeast Asia: The Case for Nurses
Sebastian I. Rajan, Hisaya Oda, Yuko Tsujita
Institute of Developing Economies/JETRO Bangkok Research Centre   2017   
Empirical analysis of the government spending and disparities of education outcomes at the district level in Indonesia, L Gani, BY Githarie, Z Husodo & A Kuncoro (eds), Competition and Cooperation in Economics and Business
Thia Jasmina and Hisaya Oda
Taylor and Francis   Oct 2017   ISBN:978-1138626669
Inclusiveness in India: A Strategy for Growth and Equality
Hirashima, S., H. Oda, Y. Tsujita eds.
Palgrave-Macmillan   Jul 2011   ISBN:978-0-230-29023-5
アジア経済研究所   Jan 2009   

Conference Activities & Talks

日本南アジア学会第31回全国大会   29 Sep 2018   
An Analysis of Nurses’ Intention to Migrate Abroad:A Case of Tamil Nadu, India
Seminar of Nurse Migration Survey 2017-2018   5 Sep 2018   
An Analysis of Nurses’ Intention to Migrate Abroad:A Case of Tamil Nadu, India
1st Workshop of Human Resources for Health and Elderly Care in Asia   3 Sep 2018   
Emerging Trends in Nurse Migration from India:A Case of Tamil Nadu
AAS-Asia 2018   6 Jul 2018   
Emerging Trends in Nurse Migration from India
Global Migration Conference 2018   22 Feb 2018   

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

学術研究振興資金(代表者:武蔵大学 黒坂佳央)
Project Year: 2010 - 2010