JEON Hong Gyu

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JEON Hong Gyu
Osaka City University
Urban Research Plaza
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Ph.D.(University of Tokyo)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2011
Part time Lecturer, College of Social Welfare, Shikoku Gakuin University
Apr 2014
Professor, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City Universtity
Oct 2008
Mar 2014
Associate Professor, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University
Aug 2013
Aug 2013
National Taiwan University
Jun 2008
Sep 2008
Research Fellow, Asian Research Center for Social Well-being and Development, Nihon Fukushi University


Hsiao Hongwei, Kidokoro Tetsuo, Seta Fumihiko, Jeon Honggyu
Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan   51(3) 245-252   2016
After the termination of a continuous effort of Dowa community solution program in ex-Dowa area in 2002, each local community has tried to become independent and promoted "independent machizukuri". In this study, we focus on how each community tri...
Hsiao Hong-wei, Jeon Hong-gyu, Kidokoro Tetsuo
Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan   51(2) 145-152   2016
There is about 539,000 aborigines, 2% of the whole population in Taiwan who have unique traditional culture and living area. However they are considered socially and economically disadvantaged due to the discrimination. Many of them moved into urb...
全 泓奎, 川本 綾, 中西 雄二
豊かな高齢社会の探求 調査研究報告書   (22) 1-21,巻頭1p   Jul 2014
JEON Hong Gyu, INADA Nanami, JEON Chang-Mi, HIRAKAWA Takaaki
Summaries of technical papers of Annual Meeting Architectural Institute of Japan. F-1, Urban planning, building economics and housing problems   2010 1451-1452   Jul 2010
Jeon Hong Gyu, Kawamoto Aya, Motooka Takuya, Miyashita Ryoko, Lee Toyun, Fukumoto Taku, Nakayama Toru, Mizuuchi Toshio
This paper focuses on the Korean Community as a Socially disadvantaged area in Japan. Especially we surveyed about urban community(Nisinari ward, Osaka city and local community(Wakayama prefecture). We have surveyed total 30 old comer Koreans to g...

Books etc

Resilience of Inclusive cities
Mar 2017   ISBN:4880654108
JEON Hong-gyu (Part:Editor)
Horitsu Bunka Sha   Mar 2016   ISBN:9784589037350
Towards an Inclusive Society
JEON Hong-gyu
Horitsu Bunka Sha   Apr 2015   ISBN:4589036711

Research Grants & Projects

Establishing a Platform for the East Asian Inclusive City Network: From divided to inclusive cities
Toyota Foundation: International Grant Program
Project Year: Nov 2017 - Jun 2020    Investigator(s): JEON Hong-gyu
This research seeks to identify the impact of area/neighborhood effects on socially disadvantaged communities in 4 East Asian cities (including Japan) and, in response, to frame an action research based on problem-solving. To this end, it will bri...