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Hosei University
Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology
Job title
Ph.D. in Sociology(Keio University), M.A. in Political Sociology(Keio University)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1987
Mar 1988
Graduate School of Human Relations, Keio Univeristy
Apr 1990
Mar 1991
Graduate School of Human Relations, Keio University
Apr 1992
Mar 1997
Ryutsu Keizai University
Sep 1992
Dec 1993
国立伊東温泉病院附属看護学校 非常勤講師
Apr 1994
Jul 1995
Post-Doctoral Fellow, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Apr 1983
Mar 1987
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
Apr 1988
Mar 1990
M.A. Program in Political Science, Graduate School of Law, Division of Politics, Keio University
Apr 1990
Mar 1994
Ph.D. program in Sociology, Graduate School of Human Relations, Keio University

Committee Memberships

Jul 2018
Jul 2022
Research Committee 24 “Environment and Society,” International Sociological Association  Treasurer and a member of the Executive Board
Dec 2015
Architectural Institute of Japan  Member
Jun 2009
Jun 2011
Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology  Chair, International Relations Committee
Jun 2007
Jun 2009
Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology  secretary-general

Awards & Honors

Oct 2019
堀川三郎『町並み保存運動の論理と帰結— 小樽運河問題の社会学的分析』(東京大学出版会、2018年2月刊), Okui Memorial Prize, The Japan Society for Urbanology
Sep 2019
Horikawa, Saburo [2018] Why Place Matters: A Sociological Study on a Historic Preservation Movement in Otaru, Japan, 1965-2016. Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press., Isomura Memorial Prize, the Japan Association for Urban Sociology, Japan Association for Urban Sociology
Winner: Saburo Horikawa
The Isomer Memorial Prize is the highest award of the Japan Association for urban Sociology.
May 2019
Horikawa, Saburo [2018] Why Place Matters: A Sociological Study on a Historic Preservation Movement in Otaru, Japan, 1965-2016. Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press., Ishikawa Prize, the City Planning Institute of Japan, City Planning Institute of Japan
Winner: Saburo Horikawa
The Ishikawa Prize is the highest award of the City Planning Institute of Japan.

Published Papers

三田社会学   (24) 196-198   Jul 2019   [Invited]
Discoveries of Chronologies as a Method: Thoughts after Editing Nuclear Power Plant and the Evacuation: A Chronology
Horikawa, Saburo
Research on Environmental Disruption   48(1) 52-55   Jul 2018   [Invited]
堀川 三郎, 小林 直毅, 清水 善仁, 長谷部 俊治
サステイナビリティ研究   8 59-83   Mar 2018
堀川 三郎
法学研究 = Journal of law, politics and sociology   90(1) 379-406   Jan 2017
有末賢教授退職記念号一. はじめに二. 対象と方法 : 環境社会学と制度化アプローチ三. 「公害」から「環境」へ : 日本における環境社会学の誕生と展開四. 環境社会学会の「制度化」五. 何を得て, 何を失ったのか : 制度化の帰結と再生への展望
田中重好編『都市環境における生活公共性に関する比較社会学的研究:平成19〜24年度科研費(基盤研究A-20243030)研究成果報告書』   138-157   Mar 2013


RC24 Environment and Society: A New Paradigm from East Asia?
Advances in Social Research   (14) 54-55   Mar 2015
Chronology as a Method: A New Challenge for Environmental Sociology in the Post-Fukushima Era.
Sustainability and Environmental Sociology: Proceedings (Tokyo: the Institute for Sustainability Research, Hosei University)   297-308   Jul 2014
法政大学社会学部社会調査実習室      Mar 2000
法政大学多摩地域社会研究センター『研究年報』第4号      Mar 2000
環境社会学会『環境社会学研究』第5号      Nov 1999
戦後日本の社会学的環境問題研究の軌跡を、1945~1996年を中心に概観した。基礎資料となる1945~1996年までの研究論文データベースをもとに、現在までに獲得されてきた4つの研究パラダイムを抽出し(被害構造論、受益圏・受苦圏論、生活環境主義、社会的ジレンマ論)、1997~1998年のデータを加味して概観した。さらに、こうしたパラダイムとは独立・横断的に行われている方法についても若干の検討を加え、環境社会学の今後の課題を試論的に提起した。 全13頁200~211頁

Books etc

みらい   Aug 2019   ISBN:978-4-86015-485-1
Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Evacuation: A Chronology
Saburo Horikawa, et al., eds. (Part:Joint Editor)
Suirensha   Mar 2018   ISBN:978-4-86369-532-0
Why Place Matters: A Sociological Study on a Historic Preservation Movement in Otaru, Japan, 1965-2016
Saburo Horikawa
University of Tokyo Press   Feb 2018   ISBN:978-4-13-056114-3
Saburo HORIKAWA and Yudai MATSUYAMA, eds. (Part:Editor)
法政大学社会学部社会調査実習室   Mar 2016   
A Sociological Study on Historic Preservation Movements in the U.S. and Japan: A Preliminary Study
Daiichi Seimei Zaidan   Mar 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

What Have We Gained and Lost Along the Way?: The Rise and Institutionalization of Environmental Sociology in Japan
Saburo Horikawa
The 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology   13 Jul 2016   International Sociological Association [ISA]
Japanese environmental sociology is like a “black hole.” It constantly absorbs the world’s latest theoretical innovations so diligently but without emitting any research findings of its own, making itself unavailable to the world outside. It is be...
Reischauer-Keio Research Project “Constitution” of Postwar Japan: The First Workshop & Conference “History, Historians, and Public Issues”   16 Dec 2015   Reischauer Institute, Harvard University, and Faculty of Law, Keio University
“Chronology as a Method: A New Challenge for Environmental Sociology in the Post-Fukushsima Era.”
Pre-Congress Conference “Sustainability and Environmental Sociology”   13 Jul 2014   Institute for Sustainable Research (Hosei University), International Sociological Association Research Committee 24, and Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology
A Turning Point or Another Forgotten Piece of History?: Lessons learned in the Bucheon Symposium and the Agenda for Nanjing
the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia   3 Nov 2013   
Beyond "Archival Epokhe" [Invited]
the 86th Annual Meeting, the Japan Sociological Society   13 Oct 2013   the Japan Sociological Society