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Yokohama National University
Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences Division of Natural Environment and Information

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Graduate School, Division of National Science and Technology (except Gakushuin University, Konan University), Chiba University
Graduate School, Division of Education, Shiga University
Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University

Published Papers

Saitoh, S., Aoyama, H., Fujii, S., Sunagawa, H., Nagahama, H., Akutsu, M., Shinzato, N., Kaneko, N., Nakamori, T.
Genome   59(9) 705-723   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
We developed a novel protocol with superior quantitative analysis results for DNA metabarcoding of Collembola, a major soil microarthropod order. Degenerate PCR primers were designed for conserved regions in the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase ...
Huang, Y., Kaneko, N., Nakamori, T., Miura, T., Tanaka, Y., Nonaka, M., Takenaka, C.
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity   152 28-34   Feb 2016   [Refereed]
Vast forest areas in eastern Japan have been contaminated with radio-isotopes by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident. Radiocesium (radioCs) is known to remain bioavailable in forest ecosystems for a long time, and it is nece...
Comparison of sampling methods for Collembola on a cobble-dominated riverbank.
Kawaue, T., Nakamori, T., Iwasaki, Y., Potapov, M.
Edaphologia   98 21-27   2016   [Refereed]
Aoyama, H., Saitoh, S., Fujii, S., Nagahama, H., Shinzato, N., Kaneko, N., Nakamori, T.
Applied Entomology and Zoology   50(3) 419–425   Aug 2015   [Refereed]
In this study, we describe an easy and rapid method for non-destructive DNA extraction from a single Collembola individual, without dissection, lysis of the specimen, or purification of extracted DNA. We demonstrate that, after a single specimen h...
Mori, A.S., Shiono, T., Haraguchi, T.F., Ota, A.T., Koide, D., Ohgue, T., Kitagawa, R., Maeshiro, R., Aung, T.T., Nakamori, T., Hagiwara, Y., Matsuoka, S., Ikeda, A., Hishi, T., Hobara, S., Mizumachi, E., Frisch, A., Thor, G., Osono, T., Fujii, S., Gustafsson, L.
Journal of Biogeography   42(8) 1383-1396   Aug 2015   [Refereed]
AimsClimate change can substantially alter ecological communities. However, we hypothesized that, even if novel communities emerge, those communities may not be novel in terms of functional composition. To infer the processes associated with risin...


Zaitsev, A.S., Gongalsky, K.B., Nakamori, T., Kaneko, N.
Pedobiologia   57 5-14   2014
Fuma, S., Ban-nai, T., Doi, M., Fujimori, A., Ishii, N., Ishikawa, Y., Kawaguchi, I., Kubota, Y., Maruyama, K., Miyamoto, K., Nakamori, T., Takeda, H., Watanabe, Y., Yanagisawa, K., Yasuda, T., Yoshida, S.
Radiation Protection Dosimetry   146 295–298   2011
Yoshida, S., Ishii, N., Ishikawa, Y., Kawaguchi, I., Kubota, Y., Tagami, K., Takeda, H., Doi, M., Nakamori, T., Ban-nai, T., Fujimori, A., Fuma, S., Maruyama, K., Yasuda, T., Yanagisawa, K., Miyamoto K., Watanabe Y.,
Radioprotection   44 421–424   2009

Conference Activities & Talks

Reinforcement and adaptation to insecticidal mushroom in Collembola.
Nakamori, T., Kamata
XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota   24 Aug 2016   
Is a Lobella species (Collembola: Neanuridae) endemic to Lake Biwa? XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota,
Nakamori, T., Sawada, K., Tanaka, S., Saitoh, S., Aoyama, H., Fujii, S.
XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota   24 Aug 2016   
Multiple mitochondrial sequence types from single collembolan specimens: pseudogenes in Collembola?
Saitoh, S., Aoyama, H., Fujii, S., Sanghwa, P., Yamada, A., Shinzato, N., Kaneko, N., Nakamori, T.
XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota   24 Aug 2016   
Morphological details and molecular data of Homidia nigrocephala Uchida, 1943 (Collembola: Entomobryidae) from Japan.
Ichisawa, K., Nakamori, T.
XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota   24 Aug 2016   
Lethal effects of Strobilurus fungi on collembolans.
Kamata, K., Nakamori, T., Pham, D.H., Yoshie, T.
XIV International Colloquium on Apterygota   24 Aug 2016