Naoki Kashihara

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Naoki Kashihara
Kawasaki Medical School
School of Medicine, Department of Medicine


Management of high blood with renal disease
270(4) 314-318   Jul 2019
Cohort maker:a novel data management system for cohort studies.
Yamamoto Ryohei, Shinzawa Maki, Moriyama Toshiki, Isaka Yoshitaka, Sugiyama Hitoshi, Maruyama Shoichi, Nakashima Naoki, Okada Hirokazu, Okada Mihoko, Kashihara Naoki
36(Suppl.) 544-545   Nov 2016
Building and Challenge for multicenter clinical database with hospital information system and MCDRS -Comprehensive clinical database for chronic kidney disease(CKD)in Japan(J-CKD-DB).
Kuwabara Atsunori, Kataoka Hiromi, Kashihara Naoki, Mihoko Okada
36(Suppl.) 1126-1127   Nov 2016

Conference Activities & Talks

Control of Blood Pressure in Diabetic Hypertension
The 41st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hypertension   14 Sep 2018   
Utility of an instructor playing the role of patient and evaluator in Mini CEX
The 50th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Medical Education   3 Aug 2018   
The effects of pre-clinical clerkship lectures by Essential Medical Skill Ed ucation Team
25 Jul 2015   
Attempt of medical education using a high-performance simulator at Kawasaki Medical School and affiliated hospital
24 Jul 2015   
Molecular Mechanisms of Aldosterone-Induced Renal Interstitial Fibrosis and Ameliorative Effects of Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonist
17 Oct 2014   
Development of a Novel In Vivo-Imaging Technique to Detect Renin-Activity in an Attempt to Elucidate Reno-Protective Effects of Calcium-Channel Blocker
17 Oct 2014   
Molecular Mechanism of Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonist on Suppressive Effects of Inflammasome Activation by Aldosterone.
26 Oct 2013   
Islet Microangiopathy in Hypertensive Rats and the Protective Effects of ARB on the Islet Morphology.
24 Oct 2013   
Comparison of Combination Therapy with Irbesartan/Amlodipine and Irbesartan/Cilnidipine for Attenuation of Albuminuria in Rats with Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Nephropathy.
24 Oct 2013   
Investigation for the Mechanisms of Anti-albuminuic Effects of T Type Ca-channel Blocker through Amelioration of eNOS Uncoupling.
24 Oct 2013