Iijima Mariko

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Iijima Mariko
Sophia University
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English Studies
Job title
Associate Professor
Bachelor of Arts(Sophia University), Master of Philosophy(University of Oxford), Doctor of Philosophy(Univerisity of Oxford)
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Research Areas



Apr 1996
Mar 2000
Faculty of Foreign Language, Sophia University
Oct 2000
Jul 2002
Modern History, University of Oxford
Oct 2002
Oct 2006
Modern History, University of Oxford

Awards & Honors

Apr 2004
British Association for American Studies Award

Published Papers

Coffee Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Establishment of a Japanese Diasporic Network in the Early 20th Century
Mariko Iijima
Journal of International Economic Studies   32 75-88   Mar 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
"Introduction", "A History of Coffee Production in Asia-Pacific Region: Rethinking Japanese International Migraions from the perspective of Global History"
Mariko Iijima (ed.)
Working Papers:"Global History in the Pacific World: The Formation of Multi-directional Migrations and Networks in Asia, North America, and Islands"   33-42   Mar 2018
Commemorating the War Dead on the Mabuni Hill, Okinawa : Construction of the "Cenotaph of Davao" by Japanese Repatriates from the Philippines
Iijima Mariko
Immigration Studies   (9) 79-96   Sep 2013   [Refereed]
Twice migration of Japanese immigrants to Hawai'i: processes, motives and continuity of domestic and international migrations
Iijima, Mariko
The Journal of American and Canadian studies   (28) 29-67   Mar 2011
Global history of Japanese coffee farmers before WW2
Iijima Mariko
Immigration studies   (7) 1-24   Mar 2011


Mariko Iijima
Monumneta Nipponica   73(2) 304-307   Mar 2019   [Invited]

Books etc

Iijima Mariko (Part:Joint Work, 130-162)
Sophia University Press   Sep 2008   ISBN:978-4324085073

Conference Activities & Talks

Competing Imperialisms in North east Asia, 1894-1953   20 Apr 2019   The Competing Imperialisms Research Network (CIRN)
Mariko Iijima
Sophia Symposium: Practicing Power in the Global Asia-Pacific: Environments, Migrants, Womanhood   16 Dec 2018   Mariko Iijima
Modernizing the Sugar Industry in Taiwan: The Mobility of Sugarcane Technology and People between Insular Territories in the Pacific
Mariko Iijima
Geshichtskontor, Historische Seminar, University of Zurich   9 Oct 2018   Historische Seminar, University of Zurich
Coffee Webs: Remapping the Movements of People, Objects, and Knowledge across the Asia-Pacific
Applied History Lecture: The Pacific and the Modern World   7 May 2018   Historisches Seminar, The University of Zurich
Mariko Iijima
Competing Imperialisms in North east Asia, 1894-1953   20 Apr 2018   The Competing Imperialisms Research Network (CIRN)

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: 2008 - 2011    Investigator(s): Shinzo Araragi
"Revisiting the Second Homeland: Contested War Memories of Philippine-born Japanese Repatriates" 蘭信三編『日本帝国崩壊後の人口移動と社会統合に関する国際社会学的研究』 2008-2011年度科学研究費補助金基盤研究(B)中間報告書(代表:蘭信三,2010)、232-239頁


Apr 2018
Visiting Scholar, University of Zurich 2018
Apr 2018
Visiting Scholar at University of Hawai'i