Tanaka Hitoshi

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Tanaka Hitoshi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Letters Division of Studies on Cultural Expressions
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Associate Professor
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Osaka UniversityOsaka UniversityOsaka University
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田中 均
大阪大学大学院文学研究科紀要   55 73-101   Mar 2015
Tanaka Hitoshi
西日本哲学年報   (18) 35-50   Oct 2010
TANAKA Hitoshi
Neue Beitr◆J2A44◆ge zur Germanistik   (133) 7-23   Oct 2007
In diesem Beitrag geht es um die Beziehung der Mythologie zur Philosophie in Friedrich Schlegels Schriften und Vorlesungen von 1797 bis 1805. Schlegel unterscheidet in Gescbicbte der Poesie der Griecben und Romer (1798) zwei verschiedene Mythologi...
TANAKA Hitoshi
Aesthetics   58(2) 1-14   Sep 2007
In this paper, I investigate the relationship between love and art in the novel Lucinde. First, I analyse two cases of disappointments in love experienced by the young painter-and protagonist-Julius, which are symbolised by certain aesthetic defec...