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Lecturer, Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research

Published Papers

Development of Formulaic Language in Adult Second Language Learners' Lexicon through Study Abroad Experience
Imura Keiko , Shimizu Takafumi
Language, culture, and communication : journal of the College of Intercultural Communication   4 173-190   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Classroom Interaction and Chunk Analysis by Young Japanese Learners of English
Keiko Imura
Sophia TESOL Forum   5    Mar 2012
日本人早期英語学習者の教室環境におけるチャンクの習得と指導者のフィードバックとの関連性をCullen (2002)のInitiation, response and feedback (IRF)のモデルを軸として記述した。結果、evaluative feedbackはチャンクの形式の定着、またdiscoursal feedbackはチャンクの分解や新たな表現の構築につながることが示唆された。
Children’s Gestalt Strategy and Acquisition of Chunks
ARCLE REVIEW   3 54-63   Mar 2009   [Refereed]
"Young Learners' Gestalt and Analytic Strategy and the Acquisition of Chunks (Applied Linguistics)
Imura Keiko
Sophia Linguistica   (56) 189-214   Mar 2008   [Refereed]

Books etc

Japanese games and activities
IMURA KEIKO (Part:Supervisor)
Poplar publishing   Mar 2012   ISBN:9784591128145
Japanese food
IMURA KEIKO (Part:Supervisor)
Poplar publishing   Mar 2012   ISBN:9784591128138
Events for the four seasons in Japan
IMURA KEIKO (Part:Supervisor)
Poplar publishing   Mar 2012   ISBN:9784591128121
Japanese traditions
IMURA KEIKO (Part:Supervisor)
Poplar publishing   Mar 2012   ISBN:9784591128114
School life and daily life in Japan
IMURA KEIKO (Part:Supervisor)
Poplar publishing   Mar 2012   ISBN:9784591128107

Conference Activities & Talks

Second Language Unit Development - A case of young EFL learners-
Keiko Imura
The 14th annual conference of the Japan Second Language Association   31 May 2014   Kuansei Gakuin University
The effect of high token frequency and high type frequency on young second language learners' unit development-A longitudinal study
Keiko Imura
Second Language Research Forum   31 Oct 2013   Brigham Young University
This study analyzed a 50,000 word corpus of young Japanese learners of English to investigate how distribution of the teacher’s linguistic input in a classroom setting facilitates the learners’ language analysis. Units of language were analyzed in...
Development of Young Japanese EFL Learners' Units of Language -A study based on Usage-Based model-
Keiko Imura
JALT 全国語学教育学会   Nov 2011   
Chunk Analysis in EFL Contexts - a case study of young Japanese learners of English
Keiko Imura
Asia TEFL   Aug 2010   Asia TEFL
Emergence of NOA in Young Japanese Learner's Acquisition of Formulaic Language
Keiko Imura
FLaRN Formulaic Language Research Forum   Mar 2010   FLaRN Formulaic Language Research Forum

Research Grants & Projects

Children's Second Language Acquisiiton
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Today
The purpose of the study is to explore how Japanese young learners of English break down holistic input, and how they can generate rules from their analysis.