Onitsuka Masakazu

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Onitsuka Masakazu
Okayama University of Science
Faculty of Science Department of Applied Mathematics

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Published Papers

Ryuma Fukutaka, Masakazu Onitsuka
Applied Mathematics Letters   100 106040   Feb 2020   [Refereed]
Hyers-Ulam stability of second-order nonhomogeneous linear difference equations with a constant stepsize
Onitsuka Masakazu
Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications   28(1) 152-165   Jan 2020   [Refereed]
Hyers-Ulam stability of a discrete diamond-alpha derivative equation
Onitsuka Masakazu
Frontiers in Functional Equations and Analytic Inequalities, Springer New york      2020   [Refereed]
Anderson Douglas R., Onitsuka Masakazu
RESULTS IN MATHEMATICS   74(4)    Dec 2019   [Refereed]
Ryuma Fukutaka, Masakazu Onitsuka
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications      May 2019   [Refereed]