Iguchi Masahiko

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Iguchi Masahiko
Kyoto Sangyo University
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of International Relations
Ph.D.(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Academic & Professional Experience

Aug 2016
Adjunct lecturer, Graduate school of Economics, Nagasaki University
Apr 2015
Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University
Dec 2015
Adjunct lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University
Apr 2014
Mar 2015
Research Associate, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)
Apr 2013
Mar 2015
Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Law, Keio University
Apr 2012
Mar 2015
Researcher, Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Research Fellow, Earth System Governance
Sep 2011
Mar 2014
Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University
Sep 2011
Dec 2011
Part-time Lecturer, Keio University
Oct 2010
Mar 2012
Research Fellow, Keio University
Sep 2010
Mar 2014
Part-time Lecturer, Department of Management and Economics, Kaetsu University
Jul 2007
Mar 2009
Visiting Researcher, Nomura Research Institute Ltd
Jun 2007
Mar 2009
Research Assistant, 21 COE 'Creation of Agent-Based Social System Science', Tokyo Institute of Technology


Mar 2014
Ph.D. (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Apr 2007
Mar 2012
Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Oct 2005
Nov 2006
MSc International Relations (Research) (With Merit), Department of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science
Oct 2004
Sep 2005
MA International Relations (Taught), Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick
Oct 2001
Jul 2004
BA Politics and International Relations (Hons), Department of Government, University of Essex

Books etc

Jorgen Wettestad, Lars H Gulbrandsen (Part:Contributor, 'Chapter 6: Tokyo’s Emissions Trading System: Japan’s First Mandatory Cap-and-Trade Scheme’.)
Routledge   Feb 2018   ISBN:0415785421
Norichika Kanie, Frank Biermann (Part:Contributor, Steinar Andresen and Masahiko Iguchi (2017) "Chapter 7. Moving from Millennium Development Goals: What can be learned from the health related MDGs".)
MIT Press   Jun 2017   ISBN:0262533197
On Knowledge and Learning: A concise introduction to the humanities
Russell Garofalo, Masahiko Iguchi, Noah McCormack, Patrick Strefford (Part:Joint Work)
BookWay   Apr 2017   
Guri Bang, Arild Underdal, Steinar Andresen (Part:Contributor, Masahiko Iguchi, Alexandru Luta and Steinar Andresen, "Chapter 6. Japan's Climate Policy: Post-Fukushima and Beyond")
Edward Elgar Pub   Nov 2015   ISBN:1784714925
Geert Van Calster , Wim Vandenberghe , Leonie Reins (Part:Joint Work, Masahiko Iguchi and Hiroki Nakamura, "Chapter 7. Climate Transport Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region", pp.149–166)
Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd   Jan 2015   ISBN:1849803803
Sacchidananda Mukherjee and Debashis Chakraborty (Part:Joint Work, Masahiko Iguchi and Maki Koga, "Chapter 14. The State of Environment and Energy Governance in Japan")
Routledge   Mar 2015   ISBN:0415721903
Kanie Norichika, Andresen Steinar, Haas Peter M. (Part:Joint Work, Masahiko Iguchi, "Annex: Outline of Regimes Covered in this Volume", pp.220-258)
Routledge   Nov 2013   ISBN:0415811767
Måns Nilsson, Karl Hillman, Annika Rickne and Thomas Magnusson (Part:Joint Work, Masahiko Iguchi and Karl Hillman, "Chapter 4: The Development of Fuel Economy Regulation for Passenger Cars in Japan", pp.57-69)
Routledge   May 2012   ISBN:0415683602

Published Papers

The Sustainable Development Goals as Goal-Setting Governance: The Open Working Group on SDGs as new type of global governance
Masahiko Iguchi
The Bulletin of the Institute of World Affairs   32 149-162   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Policy Diffusion in Climate Governance: A Case of Tokyo’s Emission Trading System
Masahiko Iguchi
Masachika Suzuki, Norichika Kanie and Masahiko Iguchi
Journal of Cleaner Production   128 1-5   Aug 2016   [Invited]
Masachika Suzuki and Masahiko Iguchi
Journal of Cleaner production   131 270-271   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Norichika KANIE, Aya NAITO, Mari KOSAKA, Yuko MOTOKI, Masahiko IGUCHI and Kazuhiko TAKEMOTO
Global Environmental Research   19(2) 131-145   Nov 2015   [Refereed]
Masahiko Iguchi and Masachika Suzuki
Journal of Cleaner production   128 234-235   Aug 2016   [Refereed]
Kanie, Norichika; Abe, Naoya; Iguchi, Masahiko; Yang, Jue; Kabiri, Ngeta; Kitamura, Yuto; Mangagi, Shunsuke; Miyazawa, Ikuho; Olsen, Simon; Tasaki, Tomohiro; Yamamoto, Taro; Yoshida, Tetsuro; Hayakawa, Yuka
Sustainability   6(4) 1761-1775   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
Masahiko Iguchi
Ph.D. Thesis, Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology   1-190   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
Norichika Kanie, Peter M. Haas, Steinar Andresen, Graeme Auld, Ben Cashore, Pamela S. Chasek, Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliverira, Stefan Renckens, Olav Schram Stokke, Casey Stevens, Stacy VanDeveer and Masahiko Iguchi
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development   55(5) 14-30   Sep 2013   [Refereed]
Norichika Kanie, Masachika Suzuki and Masahiko Iguchi
Global Environmental Research   17(1) 61-70   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
Masahiko Iguchi
Journal of Environmental Information Science   40(5) 61-68   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Iguchi Masahiko
Kankyo joho kagaku ronbunshu   25 353-358   Sep 2011   [Refereed]
Masahiko Iguchi
Studies in Comparative Culture   (98) 1-10   Sep 2011   [Refereed]
Yasuhiro Sanada and Masahiko Iguchi
Study on Politics and Economy   96(96) 96-107   Sep 2011   [Refereed]
Masahiko Iguchi
Kaetsu University Research Review   54(1) 63-81   Oct 2011
Harro van Asselt, Norichika Kanie, and Iguchi Masahiko
International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics   9(3) 319-336   Jul 2009   [Refereed]
Global Environmental Research   19(2) 173-180   Nov 2015   [Refereed]


Ending the Double Burden of Malnutrition: Addressing the Food and Health Nexus in the Sustainable Development Goals
Masahiko Iguchi, Tomoki Ehara, Eri Yamazaki, Tomohiro Tasaki, Naoya Abe, Seiji Hashimoto and Taro Yamamoto
POST2015/UNU-IAS Policy Brief #6      Oct 2014
Sustainable Development Goals and Inclusive Development
Joyeeta Gupta, Isa Baud, Ralien Bekkers, Steven Bernstein, Ingrid Boas, Vincent Cornelissen, Masahiko Iguchi, Norichika Kanie, Rakhyun E. Kim, Mairon Bastos Lima, Pedi Obani, Petra Schoof, Casey Stevens, and Dylan van Zoomeren
POST2015/UNU-IAS Policy Brief #5      Sep 2014
CfP - New approaches for transitions to low fossil carbon societies: promoting opportunities for effective development, diffusion and implementation of technologies, policies and strategies
Masachika Suzuki, Norichika Kanie and Masahiko Iguchi
Journal of Cleaner Production   72(1) 1-3   Jun 2014
Earth System Challenges and a Multi-Layered Approach for the Sustainable Development Goals
Oran R. Young, Arild Underdal, Norichika Kanie, Steinar Andresen, Steven Bernstein, Frank Biermann, Joyeeta Gupta, Peter. M. Haas, Masahiko Iguchi, Marcel Kok, Marc Levy, Mans Nilsson, Laszlo Pinter and Casey Stevens
POST2015/UNU-IAS Policy Brief   #1    May 2014
Post-MDGs under planetary wellbeing - identifying challenges -
Masahiko Iguchi, Simon Hoiberg Olsen and Ikuho Miyazawa
Tokyo Tech/ IGES /UNU - IAS Joint Briefing Paper   1 1-17   Jan 2013

Conference Activities & Talks

Policy Diffusion in Climate Governance: A Case of Tokyo’s Emission Trading System
Iguchi Masahiko
Institute for World Affairs   28 Sep 2016   
Japanese Climate Policy
Masahiko Iguchi and Steinar Andresen
CICEP Annual Research Seminar   21 Sep 2016   
Chair of the Roundtable: 'Governing through Goals: A Goal-Driven Approach for Sustainable Development'
Masahiko Iguchi
International Studies Association 57th Annual Convention   17 Mar 2016   
Participants: Oran R. Young, Peter M. Haas, Steven Bernstein and Pamela Chasek
Japan’s Climate Governance after the Kyoto Protocol and beyond Fukushima Disaster [Invited]
Masahiko Iguchi
Kyoto Graduate Seminar, Kyoto University   15 Sep 2015   
Education as the strategic means of implementation for Sustainable Development Goals: Lessons from Water and Health Literacy
Yuto Kitamura, Eri Yamazaki, Masahiko Iguchi and Taro Yamamoto
13th International Conference on Education and Development   Sep 2015   
Divergence and Convergence of Automobile Fuel Economy Regulations [Invited]
Iguchi Masahiko
Workshop on 'Convergence and Divergence of Environmental Policies", Institute of Developing Economies   1 May 2015   
Global Discussions on SDGs: cases from environment, food and health [Invited]
Iguchi Masahiko
SDGs and Post-2015 Agenda   14 Feb 2015   
International Negotiations on SDGs
Iguchi Masahiko
SDGs and Disaster Risk Reduction   12 Feb 2015   
Regulatory Convergence of Fuel Economy Standards: Cases from Europe, Japan and the US.
Iguchi Masahiko
JAIR 2014   Nov 2014   
Governance of and for SDGs: Towards Implementation [Invited]
Masahiko Iguchi
Sustainable Development Goals for Asia and Europe: Means of Implementation for Post-2015 Development Agenda   29 Sep 2014   
A Study on Food related targets in the Post-2015 sustainable development agenda
Tomoki Ehara, Masahiko Iguchi, Tomohiro Tasaki, Seiji Hashimoto and Taro Yamamoto
Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 2014 Conference   14 Sep 2014   
Regulatory Convergence of Environmental Policy: Case of Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars in Europe, Japan and the US.
Masahiko Iguchi
2014 Norwich Conference on Earth System Governance   2 Jul 2014   
Governing Sustainable Development Goals: Lessons from Millennium Developing Goals
Masahiko Iguchi
Norwich Conference on Earth System Governance   2 Jul 2014   
Regulatory Convergence of Climate Policy: Case of Fuel Economy Standards for Passenger Cars in Europe, Japan and the US [Invited]
Masahiko Iguchi
Seminar presentation at Waseda Institute for Political Economy   10 Jun 2014   
Governance for Sustainable Development Goals [Invited]
Iguchi Masahiko
Lecture at School of Medicine, Nagasaki University   14 May 2014   
Identifying Nexus in the Post 2015
Masachika Suzuki and Masahiko Iguchi
NEXUS 2014: Water, Food, Climate and Energy Conference   5 Mar 2014   
Towards an Effective Climate Architecture for Road Transport Sector: Lessons from Japan’s Proposal for a Road Transport Task Force in the Asia-Pacific Partnership (APP)
Iguchi Masahiko
Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference: Complex Architectures, Multiple Agents   29 Jan 2013   
Fragmentation of International Low-carbon Technology Governance: An Assessment in terms of Barriers to Technology Development
Norichika Kanie, Masachika Suzuki and Masahiko Iguchi
Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference: Complex Architectures, Multiple Agents   29 Jan 2013   
Governance of Sustainable Technological Innovations in Automobile Industry: regulatory convergence of fuel economy standards in Japan, Europe and the U.S.
Iguchi Masahiko
Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference: Complex Architectures, Multiple Agents   29 Jan 2013   
Climate Change Issue and Energy Policy: A case from fuel economy regulations in Japan, Europe and the US
Iguchi Masahiko
Japan Society for Public Interest and Common Goods Studies 2012 Annual Convention   Sep 2012   
Global Environmental Governance: A Case from Climate Change Issue [Invited]
Iguchi Masahiko
Valdes Forum (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   Jul 2012   
A Study on Institutions to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Road Transport Sector
Masahiko Iguchi
The 2011 Conference of Japan Association of International Relations   Nov 2011   
Climate Governance for the Road Transport: Struggles of Automobile Industries in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. in Shaping the Future Climate Governance for the Road Transport Sector
Masahiko Iguchi
ISA Annual Convention 2011   Mar 2011   
Effective Post-2012 Agreement and Climate Governance for Road Transport Sector
Masahiko Iguchi
Feb 2011   
Driving to the low-carbon society: policy and business interactions on the development of the sustainable technologies in Japanese automobile industry
Masahiko Iguchi
2010 Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change   Oct 2010   
The influence of Japanese public policy and business strategies on the development of sustainable technologies in automobile industry [Invited]
Masahiko Iguchi
Governance of Innovation towards Sustainability: The global transport sector   Sep 2010   
The Agency within the States: the Automobile Industries in Japan, the Europe, and the U.S. over the Architecture of the Post-2012 Institutional Framework
Masahiko Iguchi
2009 Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change   Dec 2009   
A comparative politics of the Japanese and European climate policies on their automobile industries, and its possible linkages to the post-2012 international negotiation
Masahiko Iguchi
The 2009 Conference of Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies   Sep 2009   
Japan’s Fuel Efficiency Regulation and the Car Industry: a Study from Policy Network Approach
Masahiko Iguchi
The 2008 Conference of Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies   Sep 2008   

Social Contribution

[Panelist]  9 Mar 2016 - 9 Mar 2016

Teaching Experience



1. Journal of Cleaner Production
2. Journal of Hydrology
3. Global Environmental Research
4. Sustainability誌 (MDPI)