Hiroko Tobari

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Hiroko Tobari
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science
School of Pharmacy
Job title
Assistant Professor
Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine(University of Tsukuba)
Other affiliation
University of Tsukuba

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Visiting Researcher, Health Services Research and Development Center, University of Tsukuba
Apr 2012
Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
Aug 2009
Mar 2019
Visiting Researcher, Public Health Medicine, University of Tsukuba
Apr 2007
Jul 2009
Public Health, Osaka University
Jan 2000
Mar 2012
Pharmacy, Miho Medical Clinic, Horsemen's Benevolent Association


Apr 2005
Jul 2009
Institute of Community Medicine, Graduate School, Division of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
Apr 1986
Mar 1990
School of Pharmacy, Hoshi University

Awards & Honors

Mar 2012
Physician–Pharmacist Cooperation Program for Blood Pressure Control in Patients With Hypertension, BI Pharmacist Award 2012, Nippon Boehringer-Ingelheim Co., Ltd

Published Papers

Hiroko Tobari, Yuji Takahashi, Kazumasa Yamagishi, Munetoshi Sugiura
BMJ Open   9(7) e027971   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
This study aimed to identify the extent of tobacco cessation training content, including the introduction of a comprehensive programme; and the presence of tobacco-related topics, including new tobacco products, school years and course of training...
Hiroko Tobari, Masaaki Aizawa, Masato Ito, Michiko Inoue
Jpn J Tob Control   12(5) 92-98   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Objectives: In considering whether smoking cessation training programs are necessary in pharmacy education,
this study was conducted to assess the prevalence of smoking cessation training and practice programs
at hospitals and community p...
The Effects of Short-term Clinical Pharmacy Learning Trips on English Learning Motives in 5th -year Pharmacy Students
Hiroko Tobari, Yuki Nakajima, Munetoshi Sugiura, Marcus Ferrone, Michael Z. Wincor, Donald Kishi, Motoyoshi Nomizu
Medical Education (Japan)   48(4) 249-255   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
PEODS(Personalized education on-demand system)を用いた自己振り返りとその有用性 散剤調製実習における気づきと動機付けの醸成
東京薬科大学研究紀要   (18) 67-73   Mar 2015
A study of factors affecting 4th year pharmacy students' understanding on an introductory course in clinical practice
Hiroko Tobari
The Journal of Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences   17 25-30   Mar 2014

Books etc

Outcome for Pharmacy Practice
Hiroko Tobari (Part:Contributor, Hypertension)
Sep 2019   

Conference Activities & Talks

Tobacco cessation training in six-year pharmacy schools in Japan [Invited]
Hiroko Tobari
The 13th Annual Meeting of Jpn J Tob Control   2 Nov 2019   
Use and awareness of tobacco producits in university students
Hiroko Tobari, Yuji Takahashi, Kazumasa Yamagishi, Yusuke Hori
The 76th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Public Health   25 Oct 2019   
Comparison of two train-the-pharmacist programs for supporting tobacco-nicotine cessation in Japan
Hiroko Tobari, Yuji Takahashi, Masaaki Aizawa, Katsushi Murayama, Kyoichi Miyazaki, Miho Minagawa, Yusuke Hori and the Pharmacists Committee of Japan Society for Tobacco Control
Tobacco Induced Disease 15th Annual Conference   13 Oct 2019   
大学生を対象とした加熱式タバコの使用状況とその知識 2年間の縦断調査
富樫 沙莉衣, 戸張 裕子, 田中 美羽, 久保 結希, 相澤 政明, 高橋 勇二, 杉浦 宗敏
日本禁煙学会学術総会プログラム・抄録集   Nov 2018   
田中 美羽, 戸張 裕子, 富樫 沙莉衣, 久保 結希, 相澤 政明, 高橋 勇二, 杉浦 宗敏
日本禁煙学会学術総会プログラム・抄録集   Nov 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

The program to train pharmacists who can support smoking cessation to expand passive smoking prevention
Pfizer Global Medical Grants: 
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Jun 2020    Investigator(s): Yuji Takahashi
Japan Society of Tobacco Control: Japan Society of Tobacco Control Grant
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): Hiroko Tobari, Yuji Takahashi
Japan Society of Tobacco Control: Research Grant
Project Year: Apr 2017       Investigator(s): Hiroko Tobari
Physician–Pharmacist Cooperation Program for Blood Pressure Control in Patients With Hypertension
Project Year: 2007 - 2013