Noguchi Takashi

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Noguchi Takashi
University of the Ryukyus
Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Job title
Master of Engineering(Doshisha University), Doctor of Engineering(Doshisha University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

May 2006
- , University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, Professor


C. Defranoux, T. Emeraud, S. Bourtault, J. Venturini, P. Boher, M. Henandez, C. Laviron, T. Noguchi
Thin Solid Film   (455) 150   2004
Effect of Thermal Annealing on Sputtered a-Si film
D.Y. kim, H.S. Cho, K.B. Park, J.Y. Kwon, J.S. Jung and T. Noguchi
J. of Korean Phys. Soc.   45 p.S847   2004
SiO2 Film Formed Inductively Couples Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition at Low Temperature for Poly-Si TFT
J.S. Jung, J.Y. Kwon, Y.S. Park, D.Y. kim, H.S. Cho, K.B. Park, W. Xianyu and T. Noguchi
J. of Korean Phys. Soc.   45 p.S861-863   2004
Low Temperature Poly-Si TFT Technology
T. Noguchi, D.Y. Kim, J.Y. Kwon, K.B. Park, J.S. Jung, W.X. Xianyu, H.Y. Yin and H.S. Cho,
Mat.Res.Soc.Symp.Proc.   814 7-14   2004
High Quality Gate Insulator for Very-Low Temperature Poly-Si TFT Employing Nitrous Oxygen Plasm Pre-Treatment
M.Y. Shin, S.-M. Han, M.-C. Lee, H-S. Shin, and M.K. Han, J.-Y. Kwon, and T. Noguchi
Mat.Res.Soc.Symp.Proc.   814 I7.9   2004

Books etc

プラスチックLCDの材料技術と低温プロセス  (第4章 第8節)
低温ポリシリコン薄膜トランジスタの開発 第V編 応用 第2章(低温ポリシリコン薄膜トランジスタの開発)

Conference Activities & Talks

Electrical Properties of Poly-Ge on Glass Substrate Grown by Two-Step Solid-Phase Crystallization,
ISTDM   2007   
Activation of Dopant in Si film using ELA for Advanced Si TFT
ITC   2007   
Efficient Activation of Dopant in Poly-Si film using Excimer Laser Annealing
AWAD   2007   
Effective Dopant Activation in Si film using ELA for High Performance TFT
AMFPD   2007   
Attractive Crystallization of Amorphous Si Film for New Si TFT
LPSD   2007