Kimura Ryosuke

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Kimura Ryosuke
University of the Ryukyus
Graduate School of Medicine
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2004
Mar 2007
JSPS, Postdoctorial fellow
Apr 2007
Dec 2008
Tokai University School of Medicine, Assistant professor
Jan 2009
Mar 2013
University of the Ryukyus, Transdisciplinary Research Organ, Associate Professor
Apr 2013
University of the Ryukyus, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

Published Papers

The human SDF1 gene polymorphism is located on a mutational hot spot that was identified by the hominoid genome study.
Kimura R, Ishida T
Human Biology   73 891-896   2001   [Refereed]
Anthropological implication of the SDF1-3 ' A allele distribution in Southeast Asia and Melanesia.
Kimura R, Soemantri A, Settheetham-Ishida W, Ohtsuka R, Inaoka T, Pookajorn S, Tiwawech D, Duanchang P, Ishida T
Journal of Human Genetics   47 117-121   2002   [Refereed]
The SDF1-G801A polymorphism is not associated with SDF1 gene expression in Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphoblastoid cells.
Kimura R, Nishioka T, Ishida T
Genes and Immunity   4 356-361   2003   [Refereed]
Cis-acting effect of the IL1B C-31T polymorphism on IL-1 beta mRNA expression.
Kimura R, Nishioka T, Soemantri A, Ishida T
Genes and Immunity   5 572-575   2004   [Refereed]
Anthropometry of 5-19-year-old Tongan children with special interest in the high prevalence of obesity among adolescent girls.
Fukuyama S, Inaoka T, Matsumura Y, Yamauchi T, Natsuhara K, Kimura R, Ohtsuka R
Annals of Human Biology   32 714-723   2005   [Refereed]


Kimura R, Ohashi J
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences   2    2013   [Refereed]
Human Migrations and Adaptations in Asia Inferred from Genome Diversity. In: Kaifu Y, Izuho M, Goebel T, Sato H, Ono A eds.
Kimura R
Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia   34-50   2015   [Refereed]