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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences, Department of System Information Sciences, Intelligent Information Science,Communication Science


Graduate School, Division of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology


Is a 204 cm Man Tall or Small ? Acquisition of Numerical Common Sense from the Web
Katsuma Narisawa, Yotaro Watanabe, Junta Mizuno, Naoaki Okazaki and Kentaro Inui
Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2013)      2013
Overview of the Recognizing Inference in Text (RITE-2) at NTCIR-10
Yotaro Watanabe, Yusuke Miyao, Junta Mizuno, Tomohide Shibata, Hiroshi Kanayama, Cheng-Wei Lee, Chuan-Jie Lin, Shuming Shi, Teruko Mitamura, Noriko Kando, Hideki Shima and Kohichi Takeda
Proceedings of the 10th NTCIR Conference      2013
Kazeto Yamamoto, Naoya Inoue, Yotaro Watanabe, Naoaki Okazaki, Kentaro Inui
Lecture Notes in Computer Science   7816 545-558   2013
Yotaro Watanabe, Junta Mizuno, Eric Nichols, Katsuma Narisawa, Keita Nabeshima, Naoaki Okazaki, Kentaro Inui
ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (TALIP)   11(4) 39:1-39:21   2012
A Latent Discriminative Model for Compositional Entailment Relation Recognition Using Natural Logic
Yotaro Watanabe, Junta Mizuno, Eric Nichols, Naoaki Okazaki, Kentaro Inui
Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2012)   2805-2820   2012