NISHI Kosuke

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NISHI Kosuke
Ehime University
Graduate School of Agriculture Department of Bioscience
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D.(Kobe University)
Other affiliation
Food and Health Sciences Research Center
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University
Apr 2016
Associate Professor (Joint Appointment), Food and Health Sciences Research Center, Ehime University
Apr 2015
Mar 2017
Lecturer, Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology, Niihama College
Mar 2010
Mar 2016
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University
Apr 2014
Jan 2015
Visiting Assistant Researcher, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, University of California-Irvine (USA)


Apr 1994
Mar 1998
Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University

Published Papers

Lysozyme from hen egg white ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced systemic inflammation in mice
Ayuka Tagashira, Kosuke Nishi, Takuya Sugahara
Cytotechnology   71(2) 497-506   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Inhibitory effect of aqueous extract of Cuminum cyminum L. seed on degranulation of RBL-2H3 cells and passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction in mice
Makoto Hada, Kosuke Nishi, Momoko Ishida, Hiroyuki Onda, Sogo Nishimoto, Takuya Sugahara
Cytotechnology   71(2) 599-609   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Changes in the electroencephalographic activity in response to odors produced by organic compounds
Minju Kim, Jieun Song, Kosuke Nishi, Kandhasamy Sowndhararajan, Songmun Kim
Journal of Psychophysiology   in press    Apr 2019   [Refereed]
A time series analysis to investigate the effect of inhalation of aldehyde C10 on the human EEG activity
Minju Kim, Kosuke Nishi, Kandhasamy Sowndhararajan, Songmun Kim
European Journal of Integrative Medicine   25 20-27   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Anti-inflammatory effect of lysozyme from hen egg white on mouse peritoneal macrophages
Ayuka Tagashira, Kosuke Nishi, Shinya Matsumoto, Takuya Sugahara
Cytotechnology   70(3) 929-938   Jun 2018   [Refereed]


Immunostimulatory effect of water-soluble extract from kale in vitro and in vivo.
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.   75(1) 40-46   2011

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Conference Activities & Talks

Inhibitory effect of caffeine on degranulation of RBL-2H3 cells
Nugrahini AD, Ishida M, Nishi K, Sugahara T
5th International Conference on Agro-Industry (ICoA2018)   26 Sep 2018   
Anti-allergy effect of nobiletin from citrus peel and development of functional food
Sugahara T, Nishi K, Ishida M
9th International Conference on Nutrition and Physical Activity (NAPA2018)   17 Dec 2018   
Anti-inflammatory effect of lysozyme from hen egg white
Tagashira A, Nishi K, Matsumoto S, Sugahara T
5th International Conference on Agro-Industry (ICoA2018)   26 Sep 2018   
秦麻琴, 石田萌子, 西甲介, 恩田浩幸, 西本壮吾, 菅原卓也
第33回日本香辛料研究会   9 Nov 2018   
Anti-inflammatory effect of aqueous extract from Kawachi-bankan peel on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses in RAW264.7 cells
Ishida M, Takekuni C, Nishi K, Sugahara T
5th International Conference on Agro-Industry (ICoA2018)   26 Sep 2018