Daisuke KOJIMA

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Apr 2014
curator, Osaaka City Museum of Fine Arts

Books etc

Cultural Heritage and Reconstructionology
Daisuke KOJIMA (Part:Contributor, The Scope of Reconstructionology: Notes to Establish the Question)
Yoshikawa Kobunkan   Dec 2019   ISBN:978-4-642-01662-9
Wooden Buddhist Statues in Japan
Daisuke KOJIMA (Part:Joint Editor)
Apr 2017   
Legendary Artists of Japanese Western Painting ―The Centennial of the Nika Exhibition
Daisuke KOJIMA (Part:Contributor)
The Sankei Shimbun   Jul 2015   
Samurai Aesthetics-Armor Craftsman Muneyuki Myochin and his Collection
Daisuke KOJIMA (Part:Contributor)
Sep 2009   

Published Papers

Three-dimensional measurement of the gilt-bronze octagonal lantern of Todai-ji Temple
Daisuke KOJIMA
7 171-174   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Portable X-ray diffractometer equipped with XRF for archaeometry
M.Uda, A.Ishizaki, R.Satoh, K.Okada, Y.Nakajima, D.Yamashita, K.Ohashi, Y.Sakuraba, A.Shimono, and D.Kojima
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms   (239) 77-84   Sep 2005   [Refereed]


Statue of Myoken-shin of Myouken-gu at Mishima-jinja shrine, kyoto.
Daisuke KOJIMA
Cultural Heritage Studies of Kyoto Pref. Univ. No.18   57-68   Dec 2019   [Invited]
On the Design Concept of the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts Building
Daisuke KOJIMA
Bulletin Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts   19 28-33   Mar 2019
On the Inscription from the 'Tea Kettle of Odare Type' Temmyo Ware, Iron' (the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts collection)
Daisuke KOJIMA
Bulletin Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts   19 34-37   Mar 2019
Record of Participation in the Living Architecture Museum Festival Osaka 2018
Daisuke KOJIMA
Bulletin Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts   19 71-72   Mar 2019

Conference Activities & Talks

MISOGI(御衣木) Wood materials for Buddhist statuary in Japan [Invited]
Daisuke KOJIMA
Asian Images Inside-Out: What Can the Materials and Contents of Statues Tell Us about Religion in China   20 May 2017   Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirrors exhibited in Aizu Museum, Waseda University
UDA Masayuki, KOJIMA Daisuke
2ndInternational Symposium On X-Ray Archaeology   Oct 2006   
Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirrors Investigated by Portable X-ray Diffractometer Equipped with XRF
UDA Masayuki, KOJIMA Daisuke
35th International Symposium on Archaeometry   May 2005   
In Situ Investigation of Gilded Bronze Statue (8c.AD) using Portable X-ray Diffractometer Equipped with XRF
UDA Masayuki, KOJIMA Daisuke
35thInternational Symposium on Archaeometry   May 2005