wakita kenichi

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wakita kenichi
Ryukoku University
Faculty of Sociology,Department of Sociology
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Can the spawn of the Japanese brown flog (Rana japonica, Ranidae) be a local environmental index to evaluate environmentally friebdly rice paddies?
Asano,S., Wakita,K., Saizen,I. and Okuda,N.
The Proceeding of 37th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing Ab0623   1-9   2016
Diversified Communication on Environmental Governance
WAKITA Kenichi
Communication for good governance in agricultural NPS control Korea AG-BMP Forum 5th International Conference      2014   [Invited]
Agricultural Water Problem of Lake Biwa and Hierarachical Watershed Management
Local community development through agricultural NPS pollution control Korea AG-BMP Forum 4th International Conference      2013   [Invited]