Nakanishi Taro

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Nakanishi Taro
Mejiro University
Faculty of Studies on Contemporary Society Department of Media Presentation


East-West differences in Linguistic Behavior - Exploring the Trends, based on the Preparatory Survey -
Shinozaki Koiichi / Nakanishi Taro
67(2) 83-113   Mar 2017
Geographical and Social Reserch on Linguistic - Using the Example of Greeting Expressions for Linguistic Behavioral Research-
Nakanishi Taro
(1) 77-102   Sep 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
A Study of Regional Differences of Greeting Expression; Focusing on Morning Encounters
Nakanishi Taro
16 75-87   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
95(0) 73-78   Nov 2012
中西 太郎
Conference paper of the Dialectological Circle of Japan   93 19-28   Oct 2011
中西 太郎
The Bulletin of the Tohoku Culture Research Room   51 144-127   Mar 2010
中西 太郎
The Japanese journal of language in society   11(1) 76-90   Aug 2008
中西 太郎
The Japanese language review   47 82-96   Mar 2008   [Refereed]
中西 太郎, 田附 敏尚, 内間 早俊
The Bulletin of the Tohoku Culture Research Room   50 90-70   2008
中西 太郎
Journal of linguistic science, Tohoku University   9(9) 71-82   Dec 2005

Conference Activities & Talks

Copus based study of Japanese dialects―Regional differences in case marking system
Nobuko Kibe (NINJAL), Kumiko Sato (NINJAL), Taro Nakanishi (Mejiro University),Kohei Nakazawa (Education board of Yonaguni town, Okinawa Prefecture)
Methods in Dialectology ⅩⅥ   10 Aug 2017   
Nakanishi Taro
International Conference of Japanese Language Education 2016   10 Sep 2016