ODAIRA, Takeshi

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ODAIRA, Takeshi
Fujitsu Research Institute
Economic Research Center
Job title
Senior Research Associate
B.A.(International Christian University), M.A. in International Relations(International Christian University), Ph.D. in International Studies (expecting to acquire on July 13, 2015)(Waseda University)
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CV (English): http://goo.gl/l1yYmm
CV (Japanese [履歴書(日本語)]): http://goo.gl/CMCNpR

Affiliation (English):

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jun 2016
Senior Research Associate, Economic Research Center, Fujitsu Research Institute
Oct 2012
Mar 2013
Team leader of a project team to draft branding strategies and related policies of the Saga Prefectural government for Arita-yaki porcelain (Imari porcelain), commissioned from the Prefectural government (as part of a program of the MEXT).
Apr 2009
Mar 2012
Research Fellow (RA) at Division of Political Integration and Identity, Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration (GIARI), Waseda University Global Center of Excellence (COE) program: studied regional conflict resolution processes, environmental coo
Oct 2009
Feb 2010
Internship at Hitachi Research Institute (Group of Energy and Environment): regularly reported eco-business trends and environmental policies of all over the world to Hitachi executives and predicted the trends in the near future (as part of a program of
Jan 2008
Feb 2008
Overseas Outreach RA of the 21st Century Center of Excellence Program of International Christian University: "Research and Education for “Peace, Security, and Conviviality""


Apr 2009
Jul 2015
PhD Program in International Studies, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
Apr 2007
Mar 2009
MA Program for Public Administration (International Relations Major), Graduate School, Division of Public Administration, International Christian University
Apr 2003
Mar 2007
Division of International Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Apr 1999
Mar 2002
Aichi Prefectural Asahigaoka Senior High School

Awards & Honors

Makoto Saito Academic Award in Peace Studies (Honorable Mention)
North East Asian Network 2008: Best Delegate for Security/Politics

Published Papers

The Success and Failure of Japan's Meditation Efforts in Cambodia and Sri Lanka
ODAIRA, Takeshi
The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan   5th series(vol. 5) 157-168   2013   [Refereed]
Regional Environmental Cooperation in East Asia: From Track 1 ODA to Track 1.5 Business Arrangement
ODAIRA, Takeshi
GIARI Working Paper   2010-E-7    2011
The Effectiveness of Third-Party Mediation in Internal Armed Conflicts: Cases of Mindanao and Aceh
ODAIRA, Takeshi
The Journal of Social Science, Social Science Research Institute, International Christian University   (68) 31-52   2009   [Refereed]
Contextual Determinants of International Third-Party Mediation: Cases of Internal Armed Conflicts in the Asia-Pacific Region
ODAIRA, Takeshi
GIARI Working Paper   2009-E-9    2009
世界の地域統合研究機関とGIARI:GIARIと他研究機関との比較研究[Research Institutes for Regional Integration in the World and GIARI: A Comparative Study of GIARI and Other Research Institute](Japanese)
大平剛史、上久保誠人[ODAIRA, Takeshi & KAMIKUBO, Masato]
GIARI Working Paper   2010-J-2 

Books etc

Reasons for the Success and Failure of Japan’s Mediation for Intra-State Conflicts in Aid Recipient Countries as Their Top ODA Donor: Case Studies of Cambodia (1997-1998) and Sri Lanka (2002-2009)
ODAIRA, Takeshi
ODAIRA, Takeshi (via Amazon Digital Services, Inc. / Apple, Inc. / Rakuten Kobo Inc.)   Jun 2015   ISBN:Kindle edn. (ASIN: B010O2R4KC) / Kobo (ISBN:1230000523547)
“Asia - kankei - Nenpyou (Chronological Table of Asian Relations)”, in Satoshi AMAKO, Shunji MATSUOKA, Sachiko HIRAKAWA & Kenji HORIUCHI (eds), Asia - chiiki - togo - gaku - Kaisetsu - to - Shiryo (Asian Regional Integration Studies: Reviews and Data)
HORIUCHI, Kenji, MIMAKI, Seiko, KAWAJI, Kinuyo, ODAIRA, Takeshi, CHO, Myung-Ok & LEE, Seung-Min (Part:Contributor, pp. 160-182)
Keiso - shobo   Mar 2013   ISBN:978-4-326-54628-2
“Chousen - hantou - ni - okeru - Nagai - Heiwa - no - Haikei - Kiki - kaihi - no - Youin - bunseki - wo - tegakari - ni (The Context of ‘Enduring peace’ in the Korean Peninsula: Analyzing Factors of the Crisis Prevention)”, in Chikako (Kawakatsu) UEKI & M
ODAIRA, Takeshi & MICHISHITA, Narushige (Part:Contributor, Chp. 6 (pp. 160-182))
Keiso - shobo   Nov 2012   ISBN:978-4-326-54632-9

Conference Activities & Talks

The Success and Failure of Japan's Mediation Efforts in Cambodia and Sri Lanka
ODAIRA, Takeshi
The Seventh Young Scholars Programme of the Asiatic Society of Japan   10 Nov 2012   the Asiatic Society of Japan
How does the provision of assistance by the mediator to the parties to the conflict influence the mediation outcome, as a precondition for the leverage of the mediator? The speaker hypothesizes that the perceived determination of the mediator to s...
Regional Environmental Cooperation in East Asia
GIARI Summer Institute 2010   2010   
Regional Environmental Cooperation in East Asia
APRU DSC 2010   2010   
Regional Environmental Cooperation in East Asia: From Track 1 ODA to Track 1.5 Business Arrangement
Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) 2010   2010   
Regional Environmental Cooperation in East Asia: From Track 1 ODA to Track 1.5 Business Arrangement
Waseda University Doctoral Student Network (WUDSN) Lecture Series   2010   

Association Memberships


Research Grants & Projects

Assistance as a Precondition for Leverage in International Mediation for Internal Armed Conflicts: Comparative Studies on Japan’s Mediation for Cambodia (1997-1998) and Sri Lanka (2002-2009)
Ordinary Research
Project Year: 2009 - 2013
International Environmental Cooperation in East Asia
Funded Research
Comparative Analysis on Research Institutes for Regional Integration
Funded Research

Notable Skills and Experiences

Notable Skills and Experiences:
A) International Communication Skills in English:
- Academic writings (Senior, MA, PhD Theses were all written in English)
- Oral presentations (experienced more than hundred presentations in and out of Japan)
- Enrolled courses at the undergraduate and graduate schools (90% were taught in English)
- Daily conversations (90% of colleagues of PhD programs and assigned research projects have been non-Japanese speakers)
B) Negotiating Power and Promotion Skills:
- Received Asia fellowship (RA) at the PhD program (with 3 year regular payment until the end of the project)
- Awarded as the best delegate when sent to South Korea as an Overseas Outreach RA of the 21st Century Center of Excellence Program at the MA program (with the refund of participating expenses including airfare as a supplementary prize)
- Awarded as the best Senior Thesis of Peace Studies in the university at the undergraduate program (with a research fund as a supplementary prize)
- Received a research fund for a university newspaper club one year after the establishment of the club and later acquired the qualification as an authorized regularly-budgeted club