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IWATA Fumiaki OHSAWA Kohji
Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University, Ser.Ⅰ Humanities   60(1) pp.75-91   Sep 2011
大澤 広嗣
Journal of Research Society of Buddhism and Cultural Heritage   (19) pp.105-132   Mar 2011
Utsuki Nishu, an international-minded Buddhist, and his age
吉永 進一, 中川 未来, 大澤 広嗣
舞鶴工業高等専門学校紀要   (46) pp.81-95   Mar 2011
Japanese Buddhists and pacification efforts in Burma during World War 2: the case of Ueda Tenzui
大澤 広嗣
宗教学論集   27 pp.67-97   Mar 2008
The academic activities of the Shingonshu Lama-kyo Kenkyujo (Lamaism Research Institute of the Shingon Sect) in the early Showa period
大澤 広嗣
Journal of the Graduate School, Taisho University. Taisho Daigaku Daigakuin kenkyu ronshu   (32) pp.153-165   Mar 2008
Watanabe Baiyu in the early decade of post war Japan: it's view's on religious affairs administration and religious circles
大澤 広嗣
Transactions of the Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics   100 pp.111-140   Mar 2008
Burma occupation and buddhist policy by Japan: a focus on the trend of the graduates from Toyo University
大澤 広嗣
Annual journal of the Asian Cultures Research Institute   (43) pp.13-28   Feb 2009
The Pali Cultural Institute and its activities abroad: a case of political maneuvering through religious propaganda
大澤 広嗣
Modern Buddhism   (14) pp.51-81   Nov 2007
Religious research in Malaya under Japanese occupation: a case of Watanabe Baiyu
大澤 広嗣
Annual journal of the Asian Cultures Research Institute   (42) pp.19-36   Feb 2008
大澤 広嗣
Journal of Research Society of Buddhism and Cultural Heritage   (15) pp.158-179   Feb 2007


New publications: Sato Tetsuro, "Adventure of the great Asian idea: another view of the modern history of Japanese and Asian Buddhism"
大澤 広嗣
Modern Buddhism   (16) pp.112-116   Aug 2009

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